Sunday, September 27, 2009

paeds nurse or o&g nurse..

after 1 week of eid's holiday
now back to the normal oridanary life.
tomorrow im going to be posted at paeds 3.
morning shif.
have to wake up early for tomorrow.

i have thinking of working at paeds one day.
before entering nursing,
if im not mistaken, my ambition was being a paeds nurse.
or maybe o&g nurse.
but now, after 2 weeks of paeds posting,
after a week at nicu,
and a week at paeds 3,
i guess
i should be o&g nurse..

maybe i love kids
but during my posting at nicu
i was done somthing that i would never forget
entire of my life!
there is no way i can handle babies very well..
its really heartbreaking to me..
i cant handle babies very well.
and i am very upset when thinking of it.
and im so sad.. ='(((

but what happened will be the moral story to me.
take care of babies was not easiest as i thought.
or maybe some people thought baby easily to take care.
but to me, u have to be particular, very specific, very cafeful to handle them.
because they dont speak to you.
they just cry to give signs of something that u think u might know,
but actually u dont.

but still, i do love babies.
they are cute.
they are small and funny and cute.
i hope i will have mine as soon as possible.
i want to be a young mom.
i am ready to take care of mine.
i am promise myself i will take a good care of mine...
God, thanks for let me doing nursing.
i do love my job so much.

but whatever it is,
i guess i am much better working as an 0&g nurse..
still can handle babies.
but the most care to be implement is maternal care..

dont worry wanie.
u still have another one and half year to study nursing.
and i love nursing so much!

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