Monday, November 30, 2009

miss shopaholic money manager

Dear girls out there,

today i want to share with all of you how to manage your money.
why did i only mentioned to all girls only? BECAUSE GIRLS LOVE SHOPPING.
I LOVE shopping too. but i do save my money.
I crazily madly love shopping.
i even love reading books from sophie kinsella shopaholic's story books!! her novels really inspired me a lot!

back to the topic.
how do you save your money in a mean while you become a shopaholic.
sounds crazy huh.

1. I only spend about rm5-6 per day for foods. I eat rice or heavy meals only once per day either during lunch or dinner. if i take my lunch, i dont take dinner. so my dinner will be just light meals such biscuits or maggie or bread. And im still able to survive!! hahahaha.

2. i keep my 50cent in my 'tabung telur'. everytime when i got changes 5ocent, i dont use it. i keep it and put it into my tabung. right now, amaizingly, my 50cent tabung already got rm100 plus plus!! i didnt realised i able to keep that much! haha.

3. everytime i got my JPA scolarship (about rm5200.00 per semester), i kept rm1000.oo in my ASB (Amanah Saham Berhad) account. now im in 5th semester already (and cant wait for new upcoming semester and upcoming JPA scolarship!!), I able to save about rm5800.oo! My target, at the end of final semester which is semester 8, i able to save about rm10,000.00. yeah, thats my goal. got 3 years more to go. i have to save rm1500 for the last three semesters. then my goal will achieved. ahaha.

4. shopping. i go shopping frequently with my cousin. i shop until i drop, until my knee hurts, until i feels regret and start to save my money again, start to dieting again, and i never regret because after that my money that i saved become too-over-saving. ahaha. last month, i bought two dresses from MNG (mango), one dress cost about rm125.00, and another one is about rm199.00. i also bought body lotion from body shop, maybelline blusher and mascara, me and my cousin celebrate our 'cousins-night-out' at starbucks, then recently i bought new hand bag at JB during my clinical posting at Hospital Permai, then i realised i was too over spent!!! i started saving my money and at the end of semester, during my final exam, i went check my money in the account, suprisingly, my money that i had been saved were about rm2000 plus plus. amaizing right. so, my advise, GO SHOPPING!!! :D

this two pictures are not related to my posted. saje2 je letak. ahaha.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

I Was Bleeding Again

today i went to clinik warga for my 1st dental appoinment.
the dentist asked me, if i have any medical problem. i told her,
last year i went to private dentist clinic near to my house, for tooth extraction.
i was experienced bleeding for 28 hours non stop. i went back to the clinic,
i dont know what procedure dr done to my tooth, then it went back to normal, no more bleeding after that. then he asked me to go for medical check up to rule out any bleeding disorder. he also did asked me if i had any family history of bleeding disorder. i guess, i dont have any family history of any kind of medical problem except diabetes and hypertension..

well, it was a year ago.

about 5-6 month ago, my left toe nail accidentally pulled out during camping at pulau pangkor with my Permanis community. it was my first experienced and it was hardly badly painful i ever felt for 3 months! i cant walk properly, i cant wear sport shoes, i even cant wear high heels for 3 months!! every day have to do dressing, dr asked me to go to clinic for daily dressing, but during 1st time that crazy nurse doing dressing to my toe, what can I said, the pain i felt during that dressing is much more painful rather than it being pulled out! i was shouting and screeming crazily but that nurse dont even look at me! what a hell! if you want to be a nurse, you supposed to look at patient's face during dressing to know how much the pain experienced by patient and you are supposed to know what interventions for the pain management! you know what, what I had been experienced really tought me to take note and to be careful handle people in pain. if you want to be a good nurse, you must acknowledge this 5th vital signs which is the pain. if you dont bother about the pain experience by the patients, then dont be a nurse. find another job.

back to the story, the thing is, i was experienced non stop bleeding during dressing. however it happen just about 3 days only. then the bleeding stop. but still i was in pain.

i remembered, last time, my friend check my blood glucose. using needle to prick my finger, she accidentally prick too deep. so, it was bleeding. even afer tomorrow, i purposely squeeze my finger, and the blood came out. but it just small tiny blood.
oh yea, one more thing, i also did experienced bleeding nose during hot sunny day. that time i was at Negeri Sembilan. it was very warm day, i got fever and blood suddenly came out from my nose. only me who experienced it, my other friends didnt. so not fair.
sometimes, when i scratch my legs, if i too over-scatch it, then i got bruising after that. sometimes its bleeding. i thought it was normal. never thought something wrong with that.
i just queries, if i have any bleeding disorder.

after dental appoinment today, doctor asked me to go to medical appoinment and check my blood. then, i met doctor medical, he interviewed me many questions about my history of what so ever, then i went to clinic, staff nurse drawn out my blood to send for investigations.

so, today, i have to NBM(fasting) for 6 hours. i cant talk, i cant eat anything warm. so, i just drinks ice coffee and ice blanded. still not eating anything yet right now. even if I allowed to eat, i wont eat anything. because i dont have mood right now. and im tired because yesterday i slept at 3am and woke up early, however i dont want to sleep right now, because i dont feel like want to sleep. i dont know what is in my mind at the moment, maybe anxious, maybe worried, or maybe thought block. ahahaha...

owh no. next appoinment will be next monday to trace my blood result and meet doctor again..( no more dentist! everytime went to dentist, dr surely will asked me to check my blood! i hate it. ) and on sunday have jaksa meeting. what an awfulness-semester-break i ever had. give me a break!!!!!!!!!


my cousin always used to share her feelings with me.
she is my cousin and of course everything she had been through, or what she felt, is matters to me. my old school and matric's friends also used me to share feelings.
I dont know why, but i think i have this special that what i've said, makes them want to hear more. maybe one day i could probably be a counsellor. eww. no way.. i will be a nurse. hurm, but yet still i will give advises to patient. so i will be a councellor either. ahahhha. cant run away from that reality. ;p

my cousin broke up with his bf about 2-3 months ago. i really understand how she felt. she express her feelings to me, and my part, i just need to be a good listener and sometimes give a little advises. but it seems like all my advises wont work at all. she unable to forget him. i told her not to stalk over his page anymore, but she's not listening! she still keep stalkering over his facebook, then she found that he's already in realtionship with someone. my cousin got upset. im getting sick for all of this! come on girl! grow up! be a women! be strong okey! why cant you just be a strong women? why is every women have to stalk over your ex-boyfriend's facebook and then get upset and ruin all your perfect day?? whay cant you just enjoy your day, do your things, girl-things, anythings that makes you happy? why do you have to hurt yourself? he's not hurting you, but its you yourself who hurt your feelings okey!

just move on. he doesnt belong to you. you are too perfect enough for that kind of guy. you deserve a better man. he seems to be a useless guy okey. and all girls out there, please la dont be stupid, dont ruin your life, your day, or yourself for the guy that never care about you.

i guess, this is why im still single. i dont have time for all of this stuff. to me, guys out there are meaningless. what meaningful to me is just myself. enjoying myself, and my perfect day. a guy called 'boyfiend', will just give a big mess in my life. so, back off boyfriends! i dont need boyfriend. but i do need husband. because i want children one day. hahahaa.. whatever it is, i dont want to think about boyfriend yet. let me enjoy my young-lady-adult-moment first okey.

You Are What You Eat, You Are What You Wear.

I remembered this quote said by my mom foster, Datuk Atikah.
"You Are What You Eat, You Are What You Wear"
EVERYTHING she had said, was really inspired me a lot.
LAst week I was decluttered my room before semester holiday started.
So, I found my personal journal during Intercultural Experience ala Homestay Program.
I was wondering should I just throw it away because it just makes my room a mess.
but then, when I open it up, I realize it is a piece of my own art.
what I've wrote inside, really makes me feel good.
really makes me feel great. I am a good women. Im not a girl anymore.
that's what I felt after reading it.

The program was organised by NCWO.
stand for: National Council Women's Organisations.

Here is one of my masterpiece. I wrote about Image Building's summary in my journal.

Image uilding for Young Lady.
1. Ability to communicate
2. Public speaking
3. Presentation Yourself
4. Knowledge

this four criteria are very important to be an excellent young lady.

1. Presentation Yourself (Dressing and Grooming).
"you are what you wear". because when people see you, they give you their first impression by looking at your dress first. Not at how much the prize, or how expensive, or how sexy and gorgeous you are, people look at your presentation, cleanliness and appropriate. so, dress appropriately according to events or places.

2. Words. Talks or Conversation and Communication.
"you are what you say". What you say, who are the person you are saying about, how would you say to care for people feelings, how do you communicate, all this give reflex what kind of person you are.

3. Eat. Foods.
"you are what you eat". Eat healthy food. If you want to looks young, eat more vitamin C, it gives you beautiful skin and your immune system well-functioning. well, I likes coffee so much. I took at least one cup of coffee everyday. I dont care if people out there say that coffee is not very healthy, but recently, I've read this article said about coffee. coffee actually makes you feels happy and gives you looks young. its true! I do always feels happy and feels very young. i do enjoy every moment in my life, and I do enjoy my coffee crazily! and I wont regret. but one day, if I become a pregnant women, then only I will stop drinks coffee, okey baby. :D

Mom also had mentioned about IMPACT.
I- Integrity
M- Manners
P- Personality
A- Appearance/Attractive
C- Consistant
T- Act (careful)

I dont remember so much about all of this. but I do appreciate it very much. I wrote too many in my journal and still not finish reading it, its really inspired me a lot. thanks mom. I try my best to not to forget all of your advices. =)