Sunday, November 29, 2009

I Was Bleeding Again

today i went to clinik warga for my 1st dental appoinment.
the dentist asked me, if i have any medical problem. i told her,
last year i went to private dentist clinic near to my house, for tooth extraction.
i was experienced bleeding for 28 hours non stop. i went back to the clinic,
i dont know what procedure dr done to my tooth, then it went back to normal, no more bleeding after that. then he asked me to go for medical check up to rule out any bleeding disorder. he also did asked me if i had any family history of bleeding disorder. i guess, i dont have any family history of any kind of medical problem except diabetes and hypertension..

well, it was a year ago.

about 5-6 month ago, my left toe nail accidentally pulled out during camping at pulau pangkor with my Permanis community. it was my first experienced and it was hardly badly painful i ever felt for 3 months! i cant walk properly, i cant wear sport shoes, i even cant wear high heels for 3 months!! every day have to do dressing, dr asked me to go to clinic for daily dressing, but during 1st time that crazy nurse doing dressing to my toe, what can I said, the pain i felt during that dressing is much more painful rather than it being pulled out! i was shouting and screeming crazily but that nurse dont even look at me! what a hell! if you want to be a nurse, you supposed to look at patient's face during dressing to know how much the pain experienced by patient and you are supposed to know what interventions for the pain management! you know what, what I had been experienced really tought me to take note and to be careful handle people in pain. if you want to be a good nurse, you must acknowledge this 5th vital signs which is the pain. if you dont bother about the pain experience by the patients, then dont be a nurse. find another job.

back to the story, the thing is, i was experienced non stop bleeding during dressing. however it happen just about 3 days only. then the bleeding stop. but still i was in pain.

i remembered, last time, my friend check my blood glucose. using needle to prick my finger, she accidentally prick too deep. so, it was bleeding. even afer tomorrow, i purposely squeeze my finger, and the blood came out. but it just small tiny blood.
oh yea, one more thing, i also did experienced bleeding nose during hot sunny day. that time i was at Negeri Sembilan. it was very warm day, i got fever and blood suddenly came out from my nose. only me who experienced it, my other friends didnt. so not fair.
sometimes, when i scratch my legs, if i too over-scatch it, then i got bruising after that. sometimes its bleeding. i thought it was normal. never thought something wrong with that.
i just queries, if i have any bleeding disorder.

after dental appoinment today, doctor asked me to go to medical appoinment and check my blood. then, i met doctor medical, he interviewed me many questions about my history of what so ever, then i went to clinic, staff nurse drawn out my blood to send for investigations.

so, today, i have to NBM(fasting) for 6 hours. i cant talk, i cant eat anything warm. so, i just drinks ice coffee and ice blanded. still not eating anything yet right now. even if I allowed to eat, i wont eat anything. because i dont have mood right now. and im tired because yesterday i slept at 3am and woke up early, however i dont want to sleep right now, because i dont feel like want to sleep. i dont know what is in my mind at the moment, maybe anxious, maybe worried, or maybe thought block. ahahaha...

owh no. next appoinment will be next monday to trace my blood result and meet doctor again..( no more dentist! everytime went to dentist, dr surely will asked me to check my blood! i hate it. ) and on sunday have jaksa meeting. what an awfulness-semester-break i ever had. give me a break!!!!!!!!!

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