Monday, November 30, 2009

miss shopaholic money manager

Dear girls out there,

today i want to share with all of you how to manage your money.
why did i only mentioned to all girls only? BECAUSE GIRLS LOVE SHOPPING.
I LOVE shopping too. but i do save my money.
I crazily madly love shopping.
i even love reading books from sophie kinsella shopaholic's story books!! her novels really inspired me a lot!

back to the topic.
how do you save your money in a mean while you become a shopaholic.
sounds crazy huh.

1. I only spend about rm5-6 per day for foods. I eat rice or heavy meals only once per day either during lunch or dinner. if i take my lunch, i dont take dinner. so my dinner will be just light meals such biscuits or maggie or bread. And im still able to survive!! hahahaha.

2. i keep my 50cent in my 'tabung telur'. everytime when i got changes 5ocent, i dont use it. i keep it and put it into my tabung. right now, amaizingly, my 50cent tabung already got rm100 plus plus!! i didnt realised i able to keep that much! haha.

3. everytime i got my JPA scolarship (about rm5200.00 per semester), i kept rm1000.oo in my ASB (Amanah Saham Berhad) account. now im in 5th semester already (and cant wait for new upcoming semester and upcoming JPA scolarship!!), I able to save about rm5800.oo! My target, at the end of final semester which is semester 8, i able to save about rm10,000.00. yeah, thats my goal. got 3 years more to go. i have to save rm1500 for the last three semesters. then my goal will achieved. ahaha.

4. shopping. i go shopping frequently with my cousin. i shop until i drop, until my knee hurts, until i feels regret and start to save my money again, start to dieting again, and i never regret because after that my money that i saved become too-over-saving. ahaha. last month, i bought two dresses from MNG (mango), one dress cost about rm125.00, and another one is about rm199.00. i also bought body lotion from body shop, maybelline blusher and mascara, me and my cousin celebrate our 'cousins-night-out' at starbucks, then recently i bought new hand bag at JB during my clinical posting at Hospital Permai, then i realised i was too over spent!!! i started saving my money and at the end of semester, during my final exam, i went check my money in the account, suprisingly, my money that i had been saved were about rm2000 plus plus. amaizing right. so, my advise, GO SHOPPING!!! :D

this two pictures are not related to my posted. saje2 je letak. ahaha.

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