Sunday, November 29, 2009


my cousin always used to share her feelings with me.
she is my cousin and of course everything she had been through, or what she felt, is matters to me. my old school and matric's friends also used me to share feelings.
I dont know why, but i think i have this special that what i've said, makes them want to hear more. maybe one day i could probably be a counsellor. eww. no way.. i will be a nurse. hurm, but yet still i will give advises to patient. so i will be a councellor either. ahahhha. cant run away from that reality. ;p

my cousin broke up with his bf about 2-3 months ago. i really understand how she felt. she express her feelings to me, and my part, i just need to be a good listener and sometimes give a little advises. but it seems like all my advises wont work at all. she unable to forget him. i told her not to stalk over his page anymore, but she's not listening! she still keep stalkering over his facebook, then she found that he's already in realtionship with someone. my cousin got upset. im getting sick for all of this! come on girl! grow up! be a women! be strong okey! why cant you just be a strong women? why is every women have to stalk over your ex-boyfriend's facebook and then get upset and ruin all your perfect day?? whay cant you just enjoy your day, do your things, girl-things, anythings that makes you happy? why do you have to hurt yourself? he's not hurting you, but its you yourself who hurt your feelings okey!

just move on. he doesnt belong to you. you are too perfect enough for that kind of guy. you deserve a better man. he seems to be a useless guy okey. and all girls out there, please la dont be stupid, dont ruin your life, your day, or yourself for the guy that never care about you.

i guess, this is why im still single. i dont have time for all of this stuff. to me, guys out there are meaningless. what meaningful to me is just myself. enjoying myself, and my perfect day. a guy called 'boyfiend', will just give a big mess in my life. so, back off boyfriends! i dont need boyfriend. but i do need husband. because i want children one day. hahahaa.. whatever it is, i dont want to think about boyfriend yet. let me enjoy my young-lady-adult-moment first okey.

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