Sunday, November 29, 2009

You Are What You Eat, You Are What You Wear.

I remembered this quote said by my mom foster, Datuk Atikah.
"You Are What You Eat, You Are What You Wear"
EVERYTHING she had said, was really inspired me a lot.
LAst week I was decluttered my room before semester holiday started.
So, I found my personal journal during Intercultural Experience ala Homestay Program.
I was wondering should I just throw it away because it just makes my room a mess.
but then, when I open it up, I realize it is a piece of my own art.
what I've wrote inside, really makes me feel good.
really makes me feel great. I am a good women. Im not a girl anymore.
that's what I felt after reading it.

The program was organised by NCWO.
stand for: National Council Women's Organisations.

Here is one of my masterpiece. I wrote about Image Building's summary in my journal.

Image uilding for Young Lady.
1. Ability to communicate
2. Public speaking
3. Presentation Yourself
4. Knowledge

this four criteria are very important to be an excellent young lady.

1. Presentation Yourself (Dressing and Grooming).
"you are what you wear". because when people see you, they give you their first impression by looking at your dress first. Not at how much the prize, or how expensive, or how sexy and gorgeous you are, people look at your presentation, cleanliness and appropriate. so, dress appropriately according to events or places.

2. Words. Talks or Conversation and Communication.
"you are what you say". What you say, who are the person you are saying about, how would you say to care for people feelings, how do you communicate, all this give reflex what kind of person you are.

3. Eat. Foods.
"you are what you eat". Eat healthy food. If you want to looks young, eat more vitamin C, it gives you beautiful skin and your immune system well-functioning. well, I likes coffee so much. I took at least one cup of coffee everyday. I dont care if people out there say that coffee is not very healthy, but recently, I've read this article said about coffee. coffee actually makes you feels happy and gives you looks young. its true! I do always feels happy and feels very young. i do enjoy every moment in my life, and I do enjoy my coffee crazily! and I wont regret. but one day, if I become a pregnant women, then only I will stop drinks coffee, okey baby. :D

Mom also had mentioned about IMPACT.
I- Integrity
M- Manners
P- Personality
A- Appearance/Attractive
C- Consistant
T- Act (careful)

I dont remember so much about all of this. but I do appreciate it very much. I wrote too many in my journal and still not finish reading it, its really inspired me a lot. thanks mom. I try my best to not to forget all of your advices. =)

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