Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bloody Blood Result

yesterday I went to my medical appointment regarding of my blood result.
i went there at 11am, waited ther for so long for my turn to meet doctor, waited for about one and half hour but then, when i got there in doctor's room, he just reviewed my blood result and said that the result is abnormal. he refer me to hemato.
what a Hell! i mean, i'd waited for so long, and he just doing nothing (like checking me or something), not more than 5 minutes then, we're done!

after that, i went to medical clinic to get the new appoinment with hematologist. so, my next appoinment will be on 21th january, but before that i have to go to the clinic earlier for another blood taking. shut up. how many my bloody blood do they need?

i am normal. i dont feels sick. i dont feels any pain at anywhere. it just that my prothrombin time is prolonged about 0.2 sec than normal range, so what? isn't that normal? nothing''s wrong with that. i still able to live right now. stupid blood result. stupid hemato. stupid everything that push me into this kind of situation.

i dont care so much if my blood is abnormal. i dont care so much if i get injured or prolonged bleeding or poor healing whatsoever! but what i most care so much about is when i have to wasted my precious time to that bloody hell appoinment and bloody hell blood taking!

yesterday, i settled all the proposal thing, i met En. jamal regarding of kembara siswi, then last night i slept at 3 am just to finished the bloody hell proposal thing. seriously, i am so tired and upset. i got headache when i woke up this morning.

this is an awfulness-semester break, instead of this abnormal blood appoinment thing, i have to settle kembara siswi program because all the committee members are having a great-wonderfulness-semester break.


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