Monday, December 21, 2009

i wish i would never undergone medical check up at first

horrible day today for me..
letter that needs to be faxs to bangi was missing,
print out another letter for prof to sign again.
kem kompetensi generik this whole week, and they took marks for that!!
i took time leave for that program for me to go to my hemato appoinment today, so i guess they would probably deducted my marks already..
at first, i already bear in mind everything will be normal, i was assumed my 2nd blood result will be normal, but then when i arrived there, dr review my blood result and it was abnormal again. my PT still shows abnormal. still prolonged. then dr asked me so many damn questions, about my family history, symptoms, and many kind of things, then she performed physical examination.
everything was just perfectly normal, the physical examination was normal, but then that stupid blood result made her to make up an appointment for me with hemato lab, to investigate platelet function test.
my current diagnosis now: TRO Von Willibrand Disease.
so, next bloody hell blood appointment will be on 12/january/2010 9am tuesday at Daycare Hemato. but this time will be a bit different from previous blood taking, because i have to brings one healthy friend to draw out her blood to be the 'control' result, while me the 'patient' one of course.
and both of us need to fast at 12midnight before the appointment at the morning.
so i asked wan nadhirah, thanks a lot she agreed to be the control one. thanks a lot wan. I really apreciate it. and i do feels sorry for her..
then, next month 18/february/2010 another appoinment with hemato.

seriously, i dont have any interesting in doing anything right now, i dont have good moods, appetite slow down, i dont take my lunch and didnt buy anything for my dinner yet.
it was such a frustrating, i am in a denial stage right now, i still believe i am normal.
dont worry wanie, it just TRO. so i guess it still pending.
still KIV, so nothing will happen okey. evertything will be okey..
since i met dr today until right now at the moment, i keep telling myself DONT WORRY but i am worry!!! stop!stop!stop! stop thingking about it! i want to live like a normal like others!

i wish i would never undergone for medical check up at first..


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