Saturday, December 5, 2009

Langkawi and Family

i just came back from Family-Vacation-at-Langkawi. eventhough LIMA this year was not very happening like previous, but we do really had a good time together as a family. but Azmi my brother wasn't with us, he had been busy with his Palapes-So-Called-Thing so, we are a bit boring without him especially my little (not to litte) brother Azam.

after all LIMA was sooooo boring this year! actually, maybe because we already went for LIMA event at previous years, and plus, my dad is an army, my brother Azmi joined Palapes UITM, my little brother wants to be a pilot, my Atok was a Askar Melayu, My Moyang is "Dato' Bahaman" so all my entire family IS AN ARMY while I AM A NURSE???!! HAhaha. weird isn't. I dont even had any experienced in kawad, i never went to PLKN, and im doing nursing. NEVER EVER in my 'head-brain' thinking of joining any-related-to-army-thing.

but one thing that i think it would probably related me to an army is that once in a while (actually many times i guess), i had day dreams of marrying a pilot. (huaargh! this is supposed to be a BIG SECRET!) pilot is HOT. i've seen them came out from that roket (jet? flight? whatever it is), they are totally-awesomeness-hottest type of guy i ever seen in ther fittest hottest outfit ever! HAHAha! xD

actually, i want to talk about LAngkawi. Langkawi is always beautiful as usual. when i was in the plane, when i was up there what can i say is that i am really much so thankful to Him as He give me an eyes to see that such a beautiful clouds, and sea, i am so much glad He give me a heart for me to feels for that feelings of comfort, and calmness, and give me the brain for me to memorized what i'd seen and what i'd felt.

when i was up there, i was thinking, down there, with a lots of people, politics, race and religious, problems, doing their usual things, their jobs, thier role and their part in their life and i am so thankful to God because i am still here, alive, able to breath, able to write this notes, and even i have problems, i always used to think that out there people face thier problems too, why cant i faces them too? why cant i just go through over it.

when i looked into the blue sky, then i closed my eyes, and i opened my eyes again and i saw the sky still beautifuly blue. no matter how much we try to avoid or close our eyes many times to any kind of situations, it wont change anything.

we usually hope that people around us will change for us. we always hope that people around us will understand our situation. if this keeps going on, then it wont change anything much unless we change ourself for people around us, and try to understand them, i guess thats the only way to solve everything.

just arrived at Langkawi Airport.

bought loads of chocolates for my friends and cousin!!

beautiful blue sky.. i love it!

me and my brother Azam

samseng siblings! hahaha

the very unfriendly steward

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