Tuesday, December 15, 2009

LOves Hang Out - Cousins Day Out

i just came back from hemato clinic, AGAIN for blood investigation.
i dont know until when they will poke my arm to get my blooody blood.
next appointment will be next year. on monday 21/jan/2010.
whatever it is, i still bear in mind that's nothing is wrong with me.
i am totally absolutely NORMAL. and im not ill, im not sick.

tonight me and omet are going to stadium near to my college
to watch band comp. its not band groups like bunkface or babyface (haha~)
its pasukan pancaragam from many high schools.
i walked over the padang during went to clinic this morning, i saw one of the band practised over there, sudden goosebump and instantly getting excited for toninght!!!
well, watching band comp will reminds me a lot back-to-school-memories.
besides, i dont have anything to do tonight, and yet i should celebrates my semester break holiday before antoher new upcoming semester 5th next week, so i guess no excuses to me to not to go.

yesterday me and omet also went to mid velly,
we went back home around 11.0pm like that, my dad, picked me at lrt, and he said nothing, and he didnt get mad since i went back home at late. plus, because of him (we stucked over traffic jam at bangsar area), so he supposed to not to get angry.
yesterday, i bought new dress from mango, AGAIN.
and THANK YOU to Lovely Lace Room Fragrance, your smells really made my day (everyday).
besides spent a long time at Lovey Lace, we also did spent a LONG time at Watson, i bought loreal facial foam, safi eye contour cream, safi elovera cream, tooth paste and dental floss.
i dont remember what omet bought, but the thing is, we LOVE shopping.
i guess, we are genetically inherited for being shopaholic.
so please dont blame me if im a shopaholics. blame our great grand parents!

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