Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Wanie Heartless"

today somebody broke my heart. seriously i dont even know why i'm writting this over here, but this guy that i dont even care, he's totally not important to me, i'll prefer to call him as a friend. or a good friend. but i dont know why today, he made me cry.
i know im a 'bitch' to him eventhough i do try my best to not to be called like that. i am not.

i almost lost my respect towards you. but then i realised that im not supposed to. maybe you were right. maybe im too sensitive.or maybe because i am the kind of person whose doesn't take things seriously. or maybe you can label me as a 'wanie heartless'.

eventhough sometimes i'm quite harsh to people, but inside me, only God knows how my feeling is. I am fragile. eventhough they unpurposedly many times insulted over me, and they think that it doesnt look like that i care so much, so they keep insulting, and yet im still looking dull, but deep inside me, my heart crashed. God, i really really need strength. I ADMIT, I AM NOT STRONG. I am not strong enough for this.
why do they always insulting over me, or is it because of im too over-sensitive?

i am not perfoct. but i do try to change to be better. and PLEASE i need support. not judging.
People keep judging over the other poeple, i guess, thats why people doesnt want to change, because they are afraid to be called as a hypocrits..

i just need a chance. times. and space to fulfill myself. i need friends. good friends that understand me and support me. not judging over me.

otherwise, i AM happy with myself.
i am so tired, pretending that I looks okey.

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