Monday, January 11, 2010

Platelet Function Test

i just got back form daycare hemato.
seriously, im in starvation right now.
me and wan had been fasted since 12am last night.

today we had a class with Dr. Johar at ER this morning.
i though the class will dismiss around 10am but then it was dismissed at 11am
me and wan rushed to daycare hemato, then the staff nurse over there got mad because we were late for the appointment. it supposed to be 9am but we were late for 2 hours already.
staff nurse asked us to wait while he called the lab people and doctor.
i thought i was just blood taking, but it wasn't just that.
3 hematologist came with one lab person.
they got angry too. seriously nobody tell me that the doctors will come to review and do the procedure, i thought the staff nurses wil do it just as usual.. so it wasnt exactly my fault too. huhu. =(

i was being poked for 3 times today. my right arm. my left arm and my left earlobe. =(

however, the platelet function test was done to me.
i really thought (again) that they will just take my blood. and then i can go.
but then it was not only that, they do this kind of procedure (i dont know what it was because they didn't tell),
they poke my left earlobe, then the blood just oozed came out, they let the blood drops onto filter paper and count the times using stopwatch.

i dont know what the hell are they doing to me, but they are talking to themselve like,
"banyak darah dia keluar", "habis baju, nasib baik pakai baju kaler merah", " its more that 6 minutes, so stop the test, its already abnormal". =(

the filter paper that they are using really makes me wanted to run and stop the test!!! back to the lecture and never went to the hemato again!
menakutkan!! fresh red blood smears came out onto the paper they even drop at my lengan baju kurung. and i even still can feels the pulse sensation over my earlobe right now. they even said " amik lagi kertas turas tu, tak cukup tu, double kan kasi tebal sikit". "amik gauze". the equipment that they had prepared was even not enough. =(

really feels terrible right now.
so I decided not to take my lunch.
so i just ate sandwich.

doctors said, i have to come for the next appointment to know the result.

i dont know if i can continue this anymore..
looks like everything turns abnormal to me. everything. even lately i feels something is not right with me, my emotion easily breaks down, i easily gets upset. and all the tests that i had done, none of it show any normal results (exept hemoglobin count, leukocyte count they are normal)

i feels like im going to die anytime.

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