Thursday, February 11, 2010

Burn Unit

first day at burn unit...
performed suctioning the tracheostomy together with phyisiotherapist,
dressing patient with burned skin with sterile water and packed with soaked gauze with flavine, then put along with bactigras.
then, dressing the tracheostomy site, put keyhole soaked with flavine,
sponging, preparing feeding infusion,

woow it was just so many things to do at first day.
and the staff nurses just let us done it by ourselves.
never got intended to supervise us.

and they all are goyang kaki while me,
i got this tight strained and hypoglycemic while doing those dressing.

well, it was a great day that we are able to do many things for at first day..
means that we dont need to be supervised anymore!
we are ready to be the real nurses!


noraina harun. my partner in crime. xD

well.. seriously nobody will understand how tired i was..

i even didnt take my breakfast. and took my lunch at 2pm. man, i was so into starvation!

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