Tuesday, February 9, 2010

last day working at icu

today was my last posting at icu. wasn't bad enough because i know what things to do. my lecturer puan waheeda came and said to me, staff nurses said that we're good. 'bagus la student nurse group ni. boleh buat kerja dengan baik'. =)
sukanya saya!
group kami memang hebat! hahaha~

1st day was the terrible day of me. clumsiness and mistakesness that keeps happened on that day sometime makes me wonder what a hell am i dong here? but then few days posted there everything starts to works better.
i've done the ETT suctioning, taking ABG and trace result, handling hemodialysis machine, change dialysate, change tubing, preparing IV infusion medication, handling ventiator machine, charting and monitoring, learning ICP monitoring, and many many more, I AM SO READY TO BE THE ICU NURSE! ;D

only 6 days at ICU.
i able to do may things like staff nurses did.
i thought it may be difficult to us to colaborate with ICU staff nurses but they are totally wrong. those who said that ICU nurses garang and taknak ajar student.
well, they are so wrong! actually, only a few of them je yang taknak ajar.
most of them, they were good and willingly to teach the students.
seronok kerja dengan icu nurses.
they all good in doing their job. i think la. maybe some of them are lousy. but never mind. as far as i know im doing the right thing and not just truly follow the way their attitude, then its ok with me. kadang-kadang ada je staff nurses ni nak cepat, tak ikut sterility, buat sekadar ala-kadar je. then jangan la ikut kan..

whatever it is, i am glad i've done my posting at icu. tomorrow and the next day i'll be posting at burn unit. then holiday starts!!!!

saya suka modul critical care!!!

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