Sunday, February 21, 2010

my lucky nose

ya Allah panasnya skarng ni.. even it is rainy now, but it is HOT SUNNY DAY!
its been weeks that this weather keeps changing, sekejap hujan sekejap panas.
bila panas, aku sidai kain, then tiba-tiba hujan pulak, kelam kabut aku angkat kain.
geram betul..

and what is the most i hate most during this hot sunny day weather is my nose starts to bleeding. just now i woke up from my tidur petang, my nose was full with blood clot.
i thought it was that tahi hidung then i pick la.
ahahaha.. bangun tidur je terus korek hidung. tak senonoh betul..
but then it doenst looks like tahi idong, it is blood clot..
i have this runny nose since a week.. this nose it too alergic with dust, smoke, mist, perfumes, etc.etc..
anywhere i go sometimes i just like to cover my nose and mouth with tudung ke, sapu tangan ke, tissue ke, and this lucky nose can smells many things and smells fastest than other nose could, i can tell!
i even can smells like ants, woods, fart (hahahaha), or somebody's clothes like the smells of sabun basuh for that cothes or if that cloth bau kedai pun i can smell. haha..

ok.the thing is, my nose keeps bleeding since yesterday.
i cant stay with it anymore. i did put the ice la but it doest work., i blow my nose and the fresh blood came out! tapi tak la banyak sangat.. just a bit tiny blood, but still it is BLOOD! huhu..geram..

my gum also starts to bleed yesterday when i flossed my teeth, huhu..geram..
oh weather... please dont get too sunny... but i dont want it get to rainy too..

and my dearest lucky nose and gum.. please dont bleed anymore..
i am scared...
i have my next apointment this wednesday..
i would like to tell the doctor that i dont have any symptoms anymore..
i would like to tell the doctor that i am okey..
so that we can dismiss this appointment as early as possible..
so i dont have to see hemato anymore.
and i dont have any appointment anymore.
and i dont have to do any tests anymore.
its hurting me inside.
physically and psychologically... huhu.. :(

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