Saturday, February 27, 2010

Permanis in Memory...

i have a family..
they are known as Permanis.
Persatuan Mahasiswa Anak Negeri Sembilan. UKM.
i know them since i was in year 1.
i learned a lot from them.
they are my first family after PPK and JAKSA.

i was officially as Permanis committee during at my 2nd year,
after i was actively joined many programs that Permanis had organised,
they give me this an honored to be one of the committee member,
it was a blast when i was the first committee who is from Kampus Luar:KTDI.
i was a great feeling when i got the 'exco' title.
'Exco Kampus Luar Permanis UKM'.
I myself never expected for it.

but until i went into year 3,
i started to get busy,
and i realise i started to ignoring my responsibility of being Permanis,

i didnt get involve in few programs,
i even tarik diri last minute for INTIM program..
sedih sangat..

why cant i manage my time properly?
why cant i give my full comitment to Permanis like other committees?
see what happen now...
they probably dont remember me anymore...
they probably already forget that the 'exco kampus Luar' is exist..

i feel totally dissapointed to myself.
i am frustrated to myself because i dont give my comitment.

whatever it is, everythings have to go on.
i have to move on.
thank you Permanis.
thanks for being part of my life,
thanks for giving me an opportunity to get to know all of you.
thanks for the experiences and the memories of being UKM student,
and i will never forget all the things that we had been through,
and the bond of our friendship,

all the best for the next Permanis committee.

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