Friday, February 19, 2010

the satisfaction of getting U41 nurses..

last night me and my family went out for dinner at somewhere (lebuhraya somewhere i dont know what the name was), in the car, during on our way,
my dad asked my brother Azmi, what he's going to do after grad.
Azmi is going to graduate this June, he decide to continue degree at UITM Shah Alam.

I AM SO JEALOUS WITH HIM BECAUSE HE'S GOING TO BE THE FIRST CHILD WHO GRADUATE FIRST! not fair! im the eldest! should be me the one who graduate first!
wuhuhu. (T.T). never mind.. i will graduate by this 2011 by the way, i will!

well, its good if Azmi wants to continue degree, perhaps he dont have any attachment with any scolarship like me, i have to works with government because i have this JPA scolarship. but he had mentioned that he wants to find for scolarship if he continue his degree.. well, good luck bro..

then my dad suddenly shocked me by telling me (or asking),
"wani, kau nanti lepas habis blaja kau kerja kau kira pegawai kelas A la kan?!"


ntah la. ye lah kot. ahahaha...

finally... dapat jugak u41..

Finally, after they we all fight for that, we are going to deserve it. Sometimes I wonder why. Wny is that difficult to do nursing course? I wonder what other courses are doing, are they also do the same thing like we did? Do they have to fight for their salary and position too while still even during student time like we did? Do they have to struggle to show off for a good performance too so that people will acknowledge them too like we did? Why do we have to fight for so much things? Fight for nursing students placement, fight for money provision in programs, I wonder until when we have to keep fighting for our right? Is it because of our right had been taken away from something? Or is it because nursing profession is a absolute weak or left or anything that describe negatively?
I think, not anymore.
Not anymore until the existence of fresh degree of nursing, the fresh degrees nursing from entire universities like UKM, USM and UITM. I know we all the strongest group even though that maybe we don’t have enough experience yet, but what we have been through is going to be the experiences for us to stand in the future.

I am sure they all are feeling satisfied. I feel satisfied too. i don’t have to worry and get upset when I’m thinking about what my future will be anymore. We are finally going to get our u41. It’s not about the money, it’s about the position, the level, being recognize, being labeled, standard of our profession.
Like what Prof. Hamidah said, "We are not workers; we are the professional group, just like other profession too. We have standard and level".
Thank you Prof. Hamidah. To me, it’s not just a word. What she meant was, do not workings as follow orders or doing things without knowing it purpose. Like what happened to nurses nowadays, they might good in their skills, but ask them, why, what its purpose, and many more questions, some of them will answer "tanya la doktor"
To me, professional means - decision making, leadership, authority, critical thinking, empowerment, and many more. We are in the standard of profession, therefore we should able to make decisions, have the leadership experience and involve in leadership, critical thinking, and to me the most important thing is authority.

I hope our groups of degree in nursing are going to prove that. I will prove that. We are already being exposed to those things what called as leadership, decision making, critical thinking, and authority, and we are going to apply it in the future. We are going to prove what those nursing profession means are.
We are going to make differences between diploma and degree nurses. If people asking what's the different between those sijil, diploma, degree, master or even PhD of nursing, those up there are the answers.

and we deserve to get better.
we deserve u41.
TQ SPA (Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam) for the grade u41.


a. Jawatan Jururawat
Gred: U41
Kod Skim: 4309
Kumpulan: Pengurusan dan Profesional (Skim Perkhidmatan Bersepadu)
Kem/Jab: Kementerian Kesihatan
Jadual Gaji :

P1T1 RM1999.19 - P1T24 RM4723.81
P2T1 RM2095.20 - P2T24 RM5022.83
P3T1 RM2195.39 - P3T24 RM5317.92

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