Wednesday, February 3, 2010

start to likes working at ICU.

today is the 2nd day of my posting at icu.
thought that i'm going to hate so much working here, but i was totally wrong.
mabye because of the past incident that happened in nicu, i thought i got traumatized working at intensive care unit.
or maybe because of the past experienced in nicu, i got well prepared myself before starts posting and alert myself during my shift.
i dont know why, but before this, i dont really well prepared before starts posting. but this one, i actually study hard before entering icu!! haha. now i know what is the study means. ;D
study means, u dont have to go hafal all the lecture notes and then go to the ward/posting and u became pandai already. i dont really hafal all those notes by the way, i even dont remember what i've been studied yesterday, and when im study, i listen to music, then i start to listen myself singing and then i forgot about which part that i had already studied. haha. silly..
but when my tutor asking me questions yesterday and today, i still able to answers. weird. i dont really study that hard like my other friends did..

i likes working at icu.. yesterday, my first day in icu, i was so afraid and try so hard to be alert. my tutor said to us, working at icu, you are not just taking care of the patient. but you have to take care the patient and the machine too. machine like ventiator, icp monitoring (lucky me my patient is not on icp monitoring), 24 hours urine- hourly monitoring, feeding infusion, iv lives everywhere, arterial line, all those tubing, and many more!
i was soo lucky yesterday because i was tagged with a nice and lovely staff nurse, she was willingly to teach me. she tought me so many things, eventhough she gave me too much information and i cant remember all of it, but i am so lucky and thankful because there still a great nurses who willingly to teach us the student nurses..
hope that one day when i become a staff nurse, i will teach the students very well, and not bullying them. ;p

today, i feels so glad with myself, eventhough today is my 2nd day at here, but most of the charting and monitoring was done by me. today i didnt got that yesterday's staff nurse (sn fara), but this one staff nurse, yeas, she's good too, not easily mad at student nurses, but she is not good in teaching. she told me earlier "bukan saya taknak ajar, tapi nanti lambat". huhu.
fine. aku cakap la balik "takpa, saya tengok dan belajar, mana tahu kot-kot nanti saya kerja kat sini, saya dah tahu dah nak buat apa sikit-sikit". haha.
the thing is, dont give up. lawan je balik that kind of staff nurse punya attitude. and lawan them nicely la. whatever it is, maybe she was right, kita akan melambatkan kerja dia je nanti. so, when you are a student nurse, you have to be patient with the staff nurses..

today, this staff nurse ntah ke mana menghilang sepanjang hari. (mentang-mentang aku dah pandai buat sikit, dia assumed aku dah pandai semua) she just appeared few moments kejap-kejap je, then hilang balik, MO came, asking me about the patient, i just answered randomly. huhu. well, he asking me about the urine la, blood glucose la, i answered what i've done to patient je la. otherwise, i dont know. and thankfully i follow ward round today (eventhough i miss the skin traction procedure), so i got a few information regarding of the patient and the next plans, so today when the family members came, i able to answered when they asking me. they asking me about patient condition, what's the next plans, i randomly answered. huhu.
and today, i feels so much like a staff nurse!!
everything i've done by myself without any supervise by the incharged staff nurse. tapi, ada la staff nurse yang incharge patient lain tolong supervised kan.... gila kalau aku buat sensorang..
except just, i dont do the writing reports la. that one is cannot yet.. 4th year nanti, module management then only i can writes the nursing report.

wow, now i feels like i want to working here after this!
and their MOs are also friendly too.

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