Monday, February 22, 2010


i went to CCU for my posting today,
Prof. Hamidah called me this morning,
asked me and Tay to come to see her at the department,
at first i was thought that am i busted of something?
am i doing anything illegally?
is there any problems that i had made recently?
but then she told me nothing but just asked me and Tay to meet her at 10am...

so at 10am, i met Tay at ER (because she was posting over there),
but she seemed that she had no idea whats going on,

then we came to the department,
Prof said to us "congratulation" - the first word that came out from her mouth.
then i said "congratulation" to her too for the title of 'Prof.' that she just received.

she said again, "congratulation, you both are selected for students mobility.
You both are going to London, United Kingdom, for 8 weeks for Mental Health Elective Module.
and will get the sponsor by UKM which is RM10,000.00 for each of us, which that including the flight, accomodation and etc.etc.

Tay looks suprised. she even lompat-lompat dalam lift after that meeting.
we hold hands like sisters and her hand was shaky and cold. haha.
but me, i was looked cool as usual... like i know everything already..
but inside, my heart pumping and exciting! haha!

im going to UK this upcoming October.

i dont know what actually i feel at the moment,
exciting, but worrying.
i'm lucky, but im not deserve.
acceptable, but not hoping of anything.

so wanie, lets prepare.

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