Tuesday, February 16, 2010

unwell semester break

its been 2 days already since i got sick.
a friend of mine asking me 'sihat tak?' few days back,
and of course i will be better since i've been going home for this a week semester break.
but curse me.
i am sick now. its been 2 days and half already..
i didnt took my lunch and dinner for 2 days.
i just drinks milo and chocolate, nescafe.
i ate what breakfast leftovers during my lunch time.
and yesterday mom bought home some KFC so I did ate fews but yet not able to finished them because my stomachache.

its been 2 days already i got this stomachache, dizziness, low grade fever, tiredness, shakyness, sweatiness, and diarheaaness and nauseaness. and i even sometimes try to purge myself to throw out but it came out nothing. just watery vomit.

ya Allah... sembuhkan aku cepat... letih la macamni... i thought that this sickness wont last longer, but its 2 days and half already, and im so tired and suffer. x(
i want to get well, and i want to go out with my siblings and cousin and my mom to go shopping or whatsoever.. x(

kesian mama.. she cooked me rendang ayam yesterday, tom yam lastnight, but i didnt ate anything at all. she bought KFC but i did ate them pulak..
its really impossible to eat anything if your stomach ache. i do feel hungry, and i even opened the fridge many times, but i didnt took anything for me to eat. i just looks around in the frigde then i closed it back, its very frustrated. x(

uwan (my grandma) came to my house today. she usually came to my house at weekends. she knew that i got stomachache, she even urut my stomach with minyak angin balm. mama also did urut my stomach this morning, but its still didnt get better..

uwan gave me pills check it teck oun, but still it did not resolve..
mom wanted to bring me to the clinic, but i refused..
it wasnt so bad, so i dont need to see the doctor. if i go to the clinic, they just prescribe me with anti-signs and symtoms je la. i dont need them. perhaps, i got my own medicine already. i just need to be comfort and rest.

mom and uwan really give me the comfort that i wanted so much. eventhough im not fully recover yet, i still feels glad and thankful i have my mom and uwan here beside me.

whats healing me most at the moment right now is just my mom and my uwan. not medicine. not clinic. mom and uwan or even my family are the best treatment for me.

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