Wednesday, March 3, 2010

emergency department

during first day at ER, the KJ orientated us to the whole emergency department, she explained about the triages: primary, secondary, resus, ER, red zone, green zone, red boz, and many more.
for the whole of my entire life being a nursing student, this is the first time I feels glad that the KJ orientated to us. she was completely explaining the whole system.

before this I was telling myself that I never wanted to be the KJ or matron or whatsoever because I see most of them, they are managing the ward, the staff nurses and the rosters for nurses' shift, and dont have much time to spent with the patient and give nursing care.

what I see, the matron will come to the ward,ICU, and do the spot check like and babling about things like:
- "kenapa tak tulis PCDS(jagarawatan pesakit)?"
- "kenapa tak label all the tubings?"
- "ni kenapa sharp bin takda label tarikh ni?"
- and many more.

I dont know how actually the matron and KJ' jobscop, but most of them, they're like things to 'mengarah' people (staff nurses and nursing students) about things like i guess it is not related to nursing care. however, they are still important, without them, the nurses - buat lerja sambil lewa.
mybe I'm wrong. but I found out KJ and Matron's jobscop if very BORING.

so, let me be the staff nurse for all of my entire life,
or at least I can be the nurse specialist, yet i still can further study to master and phD,
and still I can give all those nursing care.
If i can be the KJ or Matron, I dont want to care about the staff nurses or the management, but I want to give care to the PATIENT. only the patient. huhu..

so, this ED's KJ, she's inspiring me a lot because I saw her doing staff nurse's job like taking blood, insert branula, taking vital signs, she looks more like the STAFF nurse compared to herself of being KJ.

now i feel like I want to be like her. hehe..
i like workings here.

all the staff including their specialists are willing to teach us. except few of staff nurses that kind of bodoh sombong tu, sorry la. -they are lousy.

today was my 3rd day am shift, tomorrow and the next will be on night shift.
i learnt quite a lot.
even like, when the MO wanted to do any procedure, they called us to assisst them.
today me and my friend (we're at resus) got the chances, assisted MO insert long line for cvp, to see how they intubate the patient. i got the chanced of inserting CBD, and many more.

sampai tak sempat nak lunch... kelaparan.. (T.T)

okey, tomorrow and next will be my night shift at ER. ntah macam nama la kerja malam ni.....
hopefully i can learn a lot more.


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