Monday, March 8, 2010

Oncology - Ca. Breast

You earned the degree
You’re a doctor now
To do no harm
is your vow
But when the nurses call
In the middle of the night
It can drive you crazy
And make your nerves tight
The family's on the phone
Telling you what to do
The patient wants more drugs
You want to come unglued.

A Nurse does so many things
You're helpful as can be.
You have so many things to do
And you do them happily.
Sometimes things don't go right
It's hard to crack a smile
Still you have to be polite
And go that extra mile.

When something is wrong
But what you’re not sure
You go to the doctor
To find a cure
He pokes and prods
And runs some tests
Then you get the bill
Oh surely he jests

Today 8th March 2010,
My first day at Oncology Day Care,
I learnt something new,
I seeing patient being diagnosed with breast cancer,
I looked deeply into her eyes,
Wondering what has been she suffering with,
Has she made herself live with fear in her heart?
Has she able to tolerate with every ache and pain?

She was diagnosed with breast cancer with metastasis to lungs and bones.
And now she is 40 years old Malay woman, and very thin.
After seeing her being seeing by the doctor,
we had some discussion,
discuss about the drugs and side effects and other things.
Doctor said ' that patient, she won’t make it'.
I don’t know if she means of anything,
but what i surely know was,
she has been a doctor for a quite some time,
and absolutely she knows what she was saying.

I know, the end of life is not a pretty sight,
but if I have to die, I want to die in peace and love.
I often wonder will I be one of the lucky ones?
I am the lucky one.
To be given a wonderful life,
and if possible to ended it peacefully.
To be given a chance to appreciate things,
and to pray to God thankfully.
to thanks to everyone I know in this earth,
to tell them how much I love them so badly.

I know, all the things in my life I have taken for granted.
Sometimes I was too selfish,
just thinking about myself and easily forget others.
Seeing patient struggling with their life make me realize,
That life is so short than I can imagine,
That one day, I want to watch my kids grow,
walk in the rain, play in the sun.
I know we all must go sometime,
But I'll keep praying,
I want to have a longer life to live,
To live life to its fullest.

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