Friday, March 5, 2010

plan: to repeat the PFT

yesterday, my cousin suddenly asking me this question "wani hemophilia tu penyakit apa?".
man.. please dont remind me with those any related to hemo-disease-kind-of-thing..
why on earth you have to asked me that?
oh yea, because im the one best cousin who study in medical field so he thinks he better ask me.
then as usual i gave him all the information and definition about it. i asked him why hell are you asking? v
he told me that one of his friend got that illness.
so what. cant him just googling and find out by himself.
why me? why asking me..

seriously i couldn't stop thingking if like he's trying to give me the signal or something.
like he knows that i'm being hunted with those hemo-illness-kind of thing.

last week, i met dr nabila the one who incharge me.
after 4 hours and half waited for my apointment at medical 2 clinic,
(waited since 1.45pm until 6pm),
then she told me that i have to repeat my platelet function test(PFT),
the one PFT that i'd done was useless.
she even didnt know that PFT should have done during menstrual
until she found out it from the result that said i need to repeat during menstrual.
go to hell..

and now i have to beg someone to be the 'control' once again.
and i have to ask someone to fasting during that day..
and i have to beg someone to take time leave during posting period,
to take some of her precious blood for the test.
and together with my bloody blood to get the correct bloody blood result.

dr nabila said that the result of the one PFT that i'd done was within normal range
but nearly to abnormal. so she was been suggested by someone to repeat it again.
so i cant blame her too.

i did told her that if it possible that if i discontinue this investigation,
but since my bleeding nose that recently occured to me the days before,
so she suggested me to still go on with the test.
i did told her that it wasnt bad enough.
but she said let see how the result will be from the test,
if it is still within normal, then i can stop.

she gave me the next appointment around 23- 26 march at daycare hemato.
it ill be during my oncology posting.

i'm spoiled.

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