Tuesday, March 16, 2010

reflecting myself

it doesn't matter if people dont recognize your ideas and contributions,
the most important thing was your ideas are being applied and usable,
then only you can see result either it was a succesful or a failure.
and it doesnt matter if the things you did are becoming a successful/failure,
the most crucial thing was, you did it.
you did try out.
try your best.
and give all out.

i did something.
i contributing.
people will definetely judge over me for the things I did,
so what, i dont care.
it doesn't matter either if it was a bad judgement or a good one,
to me, i dont hell care about it.
i dont care.
people are still recognizing me.
recognizing the bad and the good of me.
if it was the bad one,
poeple are silently talked behind my back -i called them as my enemies.
poeple confronted me and corrected me - i called them as a good friend.
maybe someday, someone will take my ideas and do their best for the next time,
so what,
we are the people whose trying so hard to change the world.
rather than sitting and watching and criticizing people,
they are nothing.
they are much more that useless.

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