Tuesday, March 30, 2010

silly me had a crushed over a boy

just now i went opened up facebook a friend of mine just looking for pictures.
then i went through tagged pictures and i saw a name that i remembered.
a name that i think i might know him at my past.
then i opened up his facebook page.
God, he is an adult guy now.

when i was 17, i was admiring this one guy, from boys school.
yea, i know, i was schooled at girls school of smk puteri titiwangsa for 5 years, so when that time if i saw a cute guy passed over me, i was easily melt and i was like 'Oh, i think im in love at first sight'..only on that time je la. now no more... i hope so. xD

he was 15 years old that time. i guess, on that age 17 of me i was the silliest dumbest girl in the high school doing stupid and crazy things and as i remembered,that time i had crushed on this a young cute looking boy, 3 years younger than me.

i liked him because he had this big curly hair, and he was definitely the cutest God's creature i ever seen. but today, i looked at his facebook page (he didn't set his page as private), so i went through some of his pictures, he's definitely no more the cutest God's creature anymore, but the handsomest God's creature. too bad, im too older for him. i guess he's 18 years old now, and me 22 years old of kakak tua tak sedar diri.

he looks very different. he's got some beard, and too bad he's smoking because i saw one picture that he held a kotak rokok. i hate smokers. i hope my future husband is not a smoker. i dont want him die earlier than me, enough of me to take care of patients, i hope my husband will look after me when im getting older or about to die. and i want to go first before my husband. i dont want to crying and grieving for my husband just because he's diagnosed with lung cancer. whatever it is only God knows.

back to the story, this little guy that i had crushed on, he never knew that i was admired him. until now, he never and will never know that i had crushed over him, i guess until forever. i dont think if he's still remember me, and i dont add him at fb because i dont think he will remember me.. perhaps im still shy..
yea.. when i was 17, even if i'd done so much crazy things and i was the craziest and happiest go lucky girl at school, i admit, i was the very shy girl. still now, currently, i am still the shy girl, the shy shy cat girl.. ;P

so, if i admiring someone, if i having a crush on someone, i like to run away. i prefer to stay away. because i am shy.. . xD

this boy,
good luck to him in everythings he do.
may him looks good forever.
may Allah bless him.
because he's made my day, today.
because he made me thought about how wonderful my previous teenage life was.
he made me think that i was a normal teenage girl in my past time.

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