Sunday, March 7, 2010

thinking about the future again..

UKM produce nurses,
tapi taknak ambil mereka bekerja dengan hospitalnya sendiri..
why? because they have degree.
whose to blame?
Pengarah Hospital?
Pengurus Jururawat?
Head of Department of Nursing?
Staff Nurses?
the lecturers?
the students?
why PPUKm doesn't want to employ ukm nurses?
just because they dont want to pay u41?
actually it has many reasons why they dont want to employ ukm nurses.
because they dont have enough budget to pay?
because most of their matrons and sisters doesnt have degree?
because the head of department of nursing (education site)
already received the phD but the head of department of nursing (clinical site)
still being called 'Puan' because she doesn't even has degree?
or master?
or phD?
or i dont know.
or whatever.


because whatever it is,
i'm still going to work with the KKM
because i'm being sponsored by jpa scolarship.

but still,

i very dont like (very hate) PPUKM,
and anyone whoever should be blamed for that.

i heard that, some of ppukm nurses
whose already have their degree, quit from ppukm,
and working with KKM at somewhere.
i also heard that some of ppukm nurses,
are going to continue in degree.

one day, in the future,
there are no more sijil or diploma nurses,

then padan muka ppukm.
nobody's working there one day.

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