Saturday, April 24, 2010

relaxing and refreshing of today..

- the view of night out of my window -

I went out to klcc right after finished helped out nursing students whose moving into kolej.
so, there just a few needed things that i bought..
well seriously..
i really do need those i things that i bought.
today i feels so much refreshing and relaxing all over my body..
i did everything i dying wanted to do.
i deleting some of fb friends. seriously, it just a STUPID facebook.
it means nothing to me.
i went shopping spent rm200.
i bought two pair of shoes at vinnci.
actualy i wanted to buy only one, but that sale's girl told me, if i buy another one, i will get rm10 for rebate, means rm10 reduced for another pair of shoe. so i went up bought 2 pairs.
2 pairs for rm89. okey. shoes are really things that i needed so much because this one that i wear relly hurt my knees and my toes are really swollen so badly!

then i looked at time, really, i spent so much time at vincci, so i rushed to watson since i wanted to buy facial clay mask the another thing that i needed to buy.
on my way heading towards watson, i was suddenly being pulled by this lovely smells..
my eyes glanced over the lovely place of lovely lace..
the smell comes from the Lovely Lace..
so i decided just to looks aroung into that shop..
or maybe buy an oil fragrance for my room.
when i was looked around, one of the sale's girl asking me,

"nama u wanie kan?"

am i that famous???

"ya' wanie. erm, macam mana boleh tahu ni?"

"dulu sekolah puteri titiwangsa kan"

the thing is, i ended up conversating with her,
talking about old times during my empire glory high school,
until the other sale's girls started to staring at us,
so i think i better buy something.

so i bought two bouquet of flowers which was nicely in their pot.
very nice, one with pink flowers, another one with yellow flowers.
and i also bought fragrant oil to be put into my flowers..
so total cost was about rm 60.

i feel so awful about myself because i forgot to asking her name..
what a bad senior i am.. =(
she was my junior during my high school.
she has this pretty hair, and pretty face.
very matured looking.
she was form 1, and i was in form 5.
so practically she will obviously will remember me since i was the senior. maybe because since i was the leader of pergerakan berirama rumah laksamana, and our team won during my time being the leader, or maybe since i was in karate club.

God..i miss high school..
if u wanted to be famous in high school, u dont need just a pretty face,
but you'll need to be a someone, just be a simple like: a monitor class, pengawas sekolah, kapten rumah sukan, athlete, group leader, ketua pasukan berirama rumah laksamana, join in the club like, chest, karate-do, etc.etc.etc.
if you are an athlete, absolutely you are a famous. especially if you got those gold medals.
so, this girl (for a while let me call her as a 'sweet junior' until i found out her name later, k)
my sweet junior, she said to me,

"sorang je ke? gi dating ek."

"takla.. mana ada boyfriend lagi.. since zaman sekolah kot akak tak couple. akak kuar dengan family ni. kitorang split up."

"ye ke.. orang famous kat sekolah ni dulu, tak couple lagi."

btol la dik. nak tipu pe nye..
huhu. keciwa jugak mase bagi jawapan macam tu.
ada la berangan kalau boleh jawab,
"kuar dengan tunang i. dia pergi beli tiket wayang kejap"
berangan lah aku.

really, looking at her with that mature-face of sweet 18, made me miss high school so bad!

so, i bought, sushi, Adidas fruty rhythm spray and Adidas shower gel, tongkat ali power root coffee, low fat milk, and many more. x)

ayah sent me back to kolej, i got shower,
put on my avocado & oatmeal Freeman facial clay mask over my face,
put my teddy scent Lovely Lace frgarance oil onto my bouquet of flowers,
listened up ingrid michaelson songs,
drinks a cup off Alicafe tongkat ali & gingseng coffee.
and my lazy eyes started to sleepy...
good night..
sleep tight..

can i forget everythings of what just happened today..
i know i cant be forgiven anymore..
but i just have to do it..
i feels such a big released..
sorry for everything...again..

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SyafiraSharif said...

such a rebecca bloomwood....hahaha