Friday, April 23, 2010

The Resolution Day

today is the last day of the very last duty of mine.
im going to break through everything even though i know its going to be the hardest thing to do.

in the Peplau's Theory,

there are four phases of interection process which are:
1. orientation
2. identification
3. exploitation
4. resolution

During orientation, the person get to know each other persons and deal with any differences in background including culture and level of education, forming a group ot a team.

During identification, the person focuses on discovering and understanding the group or the team to determine what are the goals to be expected by in the end.

During exploitation, the team uses the resources of the person, and the facility in general, to solves the problem or what goal to be expected.

Finally, during resolution, the bonds have to be break in every of each persons in the group or team and finalise everythings back or reflection what things had or hadn't done.

in my case,
i am the person.

p/s: i dont take revenge, neither dont hate you, i did it because i choose to do it. i dont ask you to choose of anything, but if you decide to choose to swallow it and believe what was in your mind wanted to believe, then i have nothing to stop you.

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