Monday, April 19, 2010

WARNING: currently in GRANDIOUS mode.

my roomie said,
those woman whose never get married until she getting old,
they just assumed themselves as an independent woman.
so i guess,
i AM becoming of that type of women so called to be independent.
I've planned everything in the future,
I went through what I've planned and everyting just flowed smoothly as what I wished and as it supposed to be. (ok. liar. not too smooth. i did went into some challenges.
BTWFYI im not afraid of challenges.)

Thank God I had everything what I should have,
I have everything I hardly want,
I want everything that I really need.
I have my own master plan,
what to do after graduate,
what to be in the future,
what course or specialize i wanted to take in nursing area,
when to buy my own car with my own money i had saved,
which bank service i wanted to deal for my credit card,
when to continue study in master,
when to continue study in other professions which are bussiness and law (is that possible??),
so i can relate them like opening my own clinic if i get involve in bussiness (i am also thinking of opening a bakery because i like cupcakes!), get involve in politic things if i do law... (is that possible???)
and bla bla bla so many more and i wish i could tell here!
currently I dont have problems with financial,
because I know how to spend wisely,
and obviously i know how to saving,
I dont have problems with my future salary (definitely),
I dont have problems with family support,
since all my family are nearer to me,
mama, ayah, siblings, uwan, cousins, uncles, aunties, dua pupu, tiga pupu, empat pupu,
all of them are stying at kl and everywhere, so whenever or anything or when there's any emergencies situation that i need someone to look after me and help me out, i have them besides me.

I dont need any stupid afford to change status 'in relationship' like those people loved to do
it just looks stupid. dont get me wrong, i dont said those who loves to change status like in relationship, in love indeed or whatsoever are stupid,
what i mean was just i myself will definitely looks stupid by doing that.
it just not my kind of things to do. totally stupid idiot and lame..
:) :) :)

i wish to marry someone.
someone that i dont really know,
someoen that i dont know him well when suddenly masuk meminang,
and then i'll agree by saying "YES.". "I WILL!!".
mama already aware of this since i said to her i let her find a guy for me. .
i wanted to explore him after i marry him. wow... (:
i know it sounds lamely idiot, but i like it to be that way.
im not perfect too. so i dont wish him to be so perfectly perfect.
because if i know him so perfectly perfect for me, i will break down into tears,
and starts to think that im not for him.
i'll think he's just too perfect for unperfectly me.

i wish to marry someone,
someone that his profession is not same area as mine which is medicine area.
and not in the same area as my family which is army like my atok, my ayah, and my brother...
and my neighboors.. and my patient????? (if.... im working at hospital kementerian pertahanan). why suddenly all armies are living around me!!. ):

but for a moment,

I am an independent women..
am I????
if i know im going to regret by labelling myself this, i'll delete this entry ok.
but for a moment,
i dont need a guy.

cakap besar gila..
apa aku peduli..
ada aku kisah??????
do i look like i care???
those writing about knowledge, they think they are knowledgable enough.
and they are such a boringgggggg... (get out of here)
those writing about artists/ hollywood malaysiawood stars / whatever it is,
they are making people gossipping...
itu lagi bodoh.
so let me be

what a silly entry..
ok! sooner and later i'll delete it ok!
i cant delete it.
its purely from me.
is not about being read, it's about being written.

ugly looser...
ugly faces..
brainless idiot..


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