Sunday, April 25, 2010

long lost memories of high school's diaries and magazine.

today is sunday. so i cleaned up my room, washed pile of clothes, ironed uniform and other clothes, cleaned the bathroom and toilet, and lastly throw out all the useless old stuffs.
but then, i found my diaries, it was in the box full of lecture notes and old books. it was there since i moved into kolej.
i almost forgot that i still keep that diaries. it was my high school diaries.
this is the priceless diaries, the one that i kept for 5 years already.

here are some of the pages inside that diaries.. huhuu..
ada banyak rahsia. but few of these are not very secret.

bestfriend forever aku masa sekolah dulu. kawan yang paling aku rapat. duduk sebelah sebelah. join karate same2. rehat makan same2. study same2. seronok dapat kawan dengan dia. rindunya veena.. huhu.

i found a letter from my bestriend. . huhu. cant believe i still keep it.

my bestriends throwed me a suprise birthday bash of sweet 7teen!.. huhu. :)))
this is during Aisyah 17's birthday party.what a mess. haha,
and here are the NST newspaper which about my karate-do club at my school. and it got my silly ugly picture. haha,

picture of my karate-do club members. me with veena (at my left) were there! :)

i've been schooled at SMK Puteri Titiwangsa for 5 years.

then i found my school magazine. amazingly, i never saw it actualy, there are pictures of my team of pergerakan berirama. hey, that's me from my back. haha.

yeay we won! Laksamana No 1!! we are the winners!!
i was conducting 80 stubborn students for 20 minutes of pergerakan berirama for a month. we won for the number 1 price!! yippiee!

rumah temenggung no 2. my bestfriend veena's rumah sukan. haha.

i miss my high school.
what i have been through in high school was the best memories i ever had.
and what i am now is what i have been through.

thank you teachers and friends.
thanks of giving me the best experiences i ever had..

high school is what was the past of me.
what i am now will determind me
what kind of person i am going to be in the future.
i am still improving myself.
i am still learning to become myself.

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wahhhh wani penah masuk paper! wahh jeles! hehe XD