Tuesday, April 6, 2010

wicky weekends at home!!

Thank you ayah ku tersayang..
the only one Nasaruddin bin Che Om.
thanks for bought me the 'most wanted' and
the 'most-hoping-of-someone-will-buying-me'
Sophie Kinsella
Twenties Girl
yeayy me!!!!
I LOVE You too Sophie Kinsella!!

we celebrate Azam's birthday last friday (2/4/2010).
then on Saturday he received Anugerah Pelajar Cemerlang at his school.
i went back home and done some researching about my this young brother,
so i found out about Azam that...
-he's 17 years old.
-he's schooling at SMK Wangsa melawati tingkatan 5.
- currently he studying in science stream but without biology. he add another two more subjects which are Kejuruteraan Awam and Kejuruteraan Elektrik if im not mistaken.. thats good.
- he's got 7As and 1B- english in his PMR.
- in that anugerah cemerlang he's got place of number 2 in his class and achieved A's for subjects addmath and..... physic i guess???
- he claimed he sucks in chemistry.. well.. i did got A in SPM and matrics for my chem.. i will try my best to spend time with Azam when it is near to his SPM exam later and teach him. no worry bro.
- he wanted to do engineering after finish high school..
i made this card.
for mama ku tersayang..
for the only one
Pn. Norjana Mohd Pilus.
for her birthday later...
but her birthday will be on 9th october..
i know its too early to made this card..
but im afraid i wont have much time after this.
or kot-kot lah umur aku pendek ke, or aku tetibe hilang ingatan ke,
plus, i wont be around here on that october...
so basically, my plan is, im going to post it to her..

ok.fine. so what if im a camwhore?????

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