Thursday, May 20, 2010

The End

today, i decided to default this stupid hemato follow up. i just came back from seing by dr, now, its 2.03pm. i went there at daycare hemato waiting for my turn, since 8am but got in there at 2.03pm and got poked 2 times. you know what, take all my blood as much as you want because i dont want it. take and take it.
about that 2nd platelet function (PFT) test that i had done, it shows borderline too. means, it still in normal range but almost nearly to abnormal. 2 times i did PFT and both show borderline. and the PT still prolonged.
what a stupid hospital, where the hell are all the doctors? at daycare hemato, they only got one doctor to see about 20 something of patients i guess, the thing is, i did came earlier today, 8am, but still got in there at 2pm. separuh gila aku kelaparan.

but the good thing is, i able to talked to many patients today. huhu. i dont want to talk to them, but it just them that being soooo friendly with me. why meh? is that my face looking like soo pity today? they started to approach me first. first patient, he asked me, " sakit apa? muda- muda lagi dah sakit".. yeah. not helping me. he made me feels awful since i look around im the only one young lady. most patients, they are elderly people whose diagnosed with lymphoma, and going to have chemo treatment today.
and what should i say about my diagnosis? "owh, saya TRO von willibrand disease". memang ternganga la orang tua tu..
so i just said, "saya tak sakit. cuma nak cek darah. sebab darah saya lambat beku." gahaha~ bunyi macam bodoh ek..
and then the other one patient approached me, "dah ambil darah ke?" then, we started the whole conversation, i just being active listening like"ahah","uhuh","hum"," yeke." because she shared me the whole story of how was she being diagnosed with ymphoma, how was her feeling during her first chemo theatment, and the last conversation before she went home was "adik jagan risau la. insyaAllah darah yang di cek tu ok".. me? risau? she sounds like im going to have lymphoma and going for chemo for the first time. seroiusly, she must thinks that im going for chemo too.

huhuhu.. tapikan, kesian diorang tu.. they are really strong. i did asked them a lot about how was the treatment, what most painful of the effects of chemo, and she said, side effects of chemo meant nothing. what most painful was being poked. the venipuncture. berapa banyak branula nak di dicocok sebab vein dah tak bagus.. kesian.. now i realized, dont easily do venipuncture if you think you are not confident enough or you dont have the skill enough especially to chemo patient.. enough of them being hurt for the side effects of chemo, and now they have to feel the pain of multiple attempt of venipuncture.

okey back to my story, so i was reviewed by dr marya (im not sure what was her name), she suggested me to see specialist, but i said to her, i dont present with any symptoms anymore. so she called the specialist and discussed about me, then ended up to suggest me to rule out of SLE. gila.. dah la wei. the end. okay. aku taknak follow up dah. so today, they took my blood for PT/APTT,INR, FBC, RP, ANA, and SLE. what is ANA? sedap nama tu.

my next appointment will be 2 months after today at klinik perubatan 2 to see for the result of SLE, ANA and all that again, but i guess i want to end it here. letih kot nak menuggu giliran 6 jam.. letih kot asik nak kene cocok je.. letih kot nak mengadap muka pesakit yang curious yang ingat aku sakit kanser... so, takda pape kot.. aku sihat je buat masa ni. takda lagi bleeding nose..
THE END. the end of the story of "To rule out the Wanie Syndrome" haha.

i want to go home.. it’s my end of semester break.. let me enjoy my life, to have a quality of remaining life with my family. (macam definition palliative pulak)..huhu.

another thing, the date of departure to uk was confirmed on 23 September and to return back to malaysia on 17 november. alhamdulillah.. sempat jugak aku beraya dengan keluarga tercinta..
jika ini adalah ramadhan terakhir buat diriku, izinkan aku bersama keluargaku tercinta di syawal ini. pergh, macam drama melayu pulak. hehe.

Selamat Bercuti.

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