Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the history of "shua".... happy teachers day!

i was listening to this fly.fm when there was a caller shared his story during his high school time about what was his teacher's favorite words. then i was suddenly rememorized back during my old times at matriculation.

i have bestfriends during matriculation. and this one my favorite bestfriend, we used to call each other 'shua'. but we still called each other 'shua' after right now,. during matrics, i like to called her 'ashua' and she called me me 'wanieshua'. or sometimes, we just called each other 'shua'. and that was really made my other friends confusing and wondering like "why the hell are they called each other 'shua'?" but some of our close friends already got used with it, so its like a chronic disease because it has been 4 years already but still nama manja 'shua' still melekat to our name.. huhu.

where's the 'shua' comes from?
actually, during matriculation, we had this best mentor (our coordinator), and he also taught us a subject of chemistry in his lecture. his name is Mr. Yeoh. he used to said "sure a?" during his lecture. whenever he asked questions to his students, then we gave our answers, and then he asked back "are u sure?" or "sure a?". its not only once or twice he said that word, but many many times! it's really disturbed me! i guess its only me realised that, the other students didn't realised it. everyday, every second when he asked questions and we answered, and he said "sure a?", i really got irritated! and i told my bestfriend, "as, ko perasan tak, mr. yeoh suka cakap "sure a?" banyak kali..". and then we start to listen carefully and acknowledge him if he says "sure a". and when he said it, we giggled. we sat at the frontline in his lecture (because he's subject was our fovorite), so we cant laugh loudly. so when he said "sure a", we menyorok bawah meja or coved mouth, giggled like crazy! really, its really disturbing us since we cant focused on his lecture just because we trying to count how many that word he had been saying! xD

and started from that day, we called each other "shua". its funny really, when we called each other "shua", we feel like we want to gelak berguling-guling like crazy!!

until now, even when we're texting each other, we used "shua" as our nickname. or "wanieshua" or "ashua". funny. really.
and thats the behind story of why we calling each other "shua" . it comes from mr yeoh. unpurposely. indirectly.

mr. yeoh. we're sorry, we didn't mean to made fun of you, you are too cute to be made fun of. we're really didn't mean to not to focused on your lecture, but when we were in your class, we didn't feel sleepy at all, because we felt so happy during your class..;D
and thank you so much to you, i got an A in my chemistry. :)

i hope im not too late to wish,

Happy Teachers Day!
To all my teachers/lecturers at
Tadika Kemas,
SK Danau Kota,
SMK Puteri Titiwangsa,
Penang Matriculation especially
Mr. Yeoh.
and last but not least, Nursing UKM lecturers.
i love you all~

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