Sunday, May 2, 2010

mari kita bersama menuju kejayaan.

today is the starter day of my study week. so here are the exam's schedule:

14th May (Friday) : OSCE
there will be 12 stations. 2 written, 8 procedure, and lastly 2 health education.
no resting station. and all of them are including the whole year 3 modules which are peads, O&G, home care, critical care and oncology.
crazy. now i have to open up all my O&G and peads' notes and books again. just open. I'm not sure if i able to read and absorb them through my eyes into my skull and store in my brain.

17th may (Monday): Personal & Professional Development
what a boring subject and the spot questions were already had been given. is that what it should be called as PPD? where is the professional? HAHA. by the way, thank you for the soalan bocor. al least it can reduces my stress.

18th May (Tuesday): Critical Care module
my spot will be, care of patient with ventilator, ICP monitoring, common drugs, ABGs intrepretation, ventilator mode, setting, types, airway management, criteria of patient for intubation and ventilation, critetia of patient for weaning, management burn patient, bla bla bla. huhu.

19th May (Wednesday): Oncology module
my spot questions will be, management of side effects, cytotoxic drugs, indication, what groups, most common drugs, side effect of radiotherapy, example of common hormonal therapy, breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer, bla bla bla.

20th May (Thursday): Home Care module
i dont know how to spot this one but i guess the question would be more on health education, empowerment to patient, how to supervise, documentation, and criteria for patient to be refer to home care unit, bla bla blablaaa.. huhu.

21st May (Friday): Daycare Hemato appointment.
daa. its not related exam. sajo jo den lotak kek sini kot kot la den lupo..
wani ekau jangan lupo amik darah sobolom poe jumpo dokto. apointment 8pagi.. lopeh tu, buleh balik dah la. dah takdo apo lai nak buek kat kolej nih. bocuti la ekau solamo sobulan. haha. xD

Good Luck to all my clasemates. semoga kita semua lulus dengan cemerlang. semoga kita semua boleh dapat 3.5 and above. chiayok! gambateh! aigato godzaimas!!!
dada. im not writing until the exam is over.

am i allergic to gold? yes i am. i am allergic to gold. deathly allergic..

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