Friday, May 14, 2010

osce and outbound program

We had done our osce yesterday. During waiting for our turn (since we were the 3rd and 4rd groups) we were discussed things for the last preparation. We prayed together and we hugged since we were so scared to go for osce.
When we got there in the skill lab, when every each of us was standing in front of stations, and that time was the most frighten moment I ever had.
I was stood in front of the station, looking around, looking at all my friends, looked at their frighten faces and I can see their worryingness and that time I prayed to God, please calm them. Please give calmness to my friends, saw them with their worrying faces was truly worrying me so much. I don’t scared so much about the osce, but seeing them restlessness like that was really turned me into restlessness too:( ... May Allah bless them... May all of us get the best result for this final exam okay...
Don’t worry. It was just an osce... I know we had given our best for the osce. And I know we had given our best in the clinical areas for 3 years already. we had strived so much to be good as nursing students and don’t worry because i know we'll be great nurses in the future..
And let us do our best for this final exam. Let’s pray together, we had studying a lot, let just Allah determines everything for us. We had done so much good things to people, to our patients, and Allah will blessing us, definately will always give blesses to all nurses, and listen to our prayers as long as we had done our job faithfully and honestly.
Just another year... Just one year to go dear and we will be okay. We’ll be fine. We’ll be great nurses...
Yesterday, I got an offer letter from TNC regarding of outbound students mobility program. we will be attached to Edmonton Community Mental Health Team Barnet & Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust London with provision of rm10k for 6-7 weeks and as we return back, we have to submit the report for financial report and the whole program report and presentation.
i have no idea how to react with this feelings, a bit happy but much more worries. I’m worried of everything. Foods and accommodation, too expensive flight ticket, too long to be there where we have to stay for 6-7 weeks and that 10k provision are just not enough. And what was the most i worried about was the day we will depart. Mr. U said that we will probably have to leave on 9th September which means on the next day, on 10th September will be the 1st day of hari raya puasa. to Tay, she don’t bother so much since she's Chinese, and me, for the first time, the idea of celebrating raya on the flight or celebrating raya on arrival and getting blur blur for the 1st day and raya without my parent and family besides me are totally a bad idea. The thing is, especially my mom, she would be so sad on that 1st raya. I didn’t tell her yet about the day I’d leave, since Mr. U said it didn't confirm yet.. he tries to negotiate with those people over there to postpone few days for us to report our self, it’s not him who's in charge to arrange the date, but the institution that we'll be attached are going to determine that. So I can’t say much. I just have to wait patiently to know.
besides of worrying of the date of departure, I’ll also a bit upset since I have to draw out my own saving, the money that I’ve been saved since semester 1 and I wish I could save 10k at the end of semester, and now, I have to draw out and spend some of them for booking ticket and to convert some into 500 pounds at least. me and Tay had done a random budget, flight ticket for depart and return will be rm2167 , accommodation, foods, transportation and other basic human needs. we have to find the accommodation by our self since we are not attached to any university, so we don’t stay at hostel or get anything for student's price even though for the transportation. we have to find our own accommodation, and gladly, Mr. U are helping us too to find one single place for us to stay.. fuh, nasib baik tay ni perempuan. so we don’t care so much if we have to stay together even in one bed and share everything. huhu.. as long as we able cut down the cost, we will tolerate each other.
Tay once had suggested to me, why we don’t rent for bicycle so we can save money for transportation. It was a good idea but i think she was just joking, but really her face was seriously-looking!
haha.. hadoihaih funny la Tay nih.. :D
Apart of worrying, we have to do the proposal before we go. so, after finish this final exam, we'll be discussing every details again and do the proposal, open CIMB account for exchange money and transfer that money provision into that account, go to Putrajaya for police statement, go to UKM Bangi to submit the proposal, bla bla bla, and many things to do.
hadoih.. memang tak boleh nak cuti rehat sikit la bila tiba cuti sem tau.
apa-apa pon, I am glad I was the chosen for this students mobility so I know I have to appreciate this wisely.. Many of my friends wanted so bad to go but didn't get the opportunity but me at here are nagging, membebel about this and that.. huhu
nanti kami belikan ole-ole buat rakan-rakan kesayangan ku sume ini k..
insyaAllah everything will be okay..

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