Sunday, May 9, 2010

study week at Mid Valley

i know i know it's a study week!
i shouldn't hang out and lepaking around!
but it just happen.
i went out with all my housemates today, alia and kak zila,
we went to mid valley.
at first, i thought i just wanted to buy my facial scrub,
but i ended up bought..

4 Ways Elle hand Bag.
well actually it's not 4 ways.
i discovered that it's actually has many many many ways to change the style!

look out!

4 Ways Elle hand Bag.
it has one medium/large size with one compartment, and the small one has two compartments.
all of them were actually comes together in one designed bag.
but i can transform them in many ways by my own creativity..

here are the examples that i randomly transformed.

1. large compartment hand bag

2. large compartment sling bag

3. large compartment hand bag with short sling.
4. tadaaaa....
very large compartment hand bag. my fav one.

5. small one. very simple.

6. sling hand bag

7. hand bag. :)

then i went to watson. i bought this skin care products.
this is the new product that i bought for my skin,
the last one i was using was the loreal white product,
and then i changed to St. Ives and freeman,
and now, i changed again to Nano white product.
so i tested my skin with so many kind of products,
but lucky me i never got problems
because my skin is not too sensitive like most people are.
what makes me so into this product was because this nano white poduct is basically clay based product.
see below, it says that it is a clay cleanser.
i have this excess facial oil and looking dull.
asian people are mostly have an oily and dull tanned skin.
so i suggest that my oily skin in suitable with clay based product.
as long as it is clay based, it will definately suitable for any oily skin.
and plus, this Nano white product,
it has this special ingredients which are Omega white C and Nano Peptide.
ok. this one is Organic Acid Vitamin E Oil.
if you want to buy any product that contains vitamin E,
i suggest that u should look at the units of the vitamin E.
see below, this one is the 100% natural pure concentrate derived from wheat germ oil which are the most expensive source of vitamin E, contains 28, 000 i.u.

and below, this one is a Vitamin E mosturizing cream which contains 1000 i.u. only.
our skin needed vitamin E supplement to get healthy.
i'm not a healthy food eater, so i know i dont take enough of vitamin E ,
so i really need this skin supplement.
this one, is Safi Rania Gold eye contour cream.
what i adore so much this product, again because it has Nano Gold 24K formula.
ok. so i spent rm179.00 for those fun many ways Elle hand bag,
rm45.oo for Nano white product,
rm 70.78 for Organic Acid Vitamin E product,
shit. i just found out that tiny glassy container of Organic Acid Vitamin E oil was cost rm55.90!!! gila.. baru perasan mahal gila nak mampos. x(
God, it's stated in the resit and i didn't even knew the price but still i paid them all!
gila bodohnya aku...
total up = 294.78
serious shit.


Mohan a.k.a Mambo said...

Kat mana U beli nano white product?

Mohan a.k.a Mambo said...

Kat mana U beli nano white product?