Wednesday, May 5, 2010

gum bleeding

tolong saya...
gusi saya berdarah lagi..

just now i spit out a bulk of blood in the sink!!!
seriously, it was sudden!
just now, my mouth was full of blood!
bloody hell!
i dont know what trigger it.
tonight wasn't warm enough to cause me bleeding.
i dont even get any fever, for a moment.
i didn't take any hot drinks.

i was writing this blog when suddenly i tasted a blood..
i swallowed it.
but then it didn't stop.
then i swallowed it again and again and again but it still didn't hell stop.
i run out to the toilet and spit out into the sink. bluekk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it was a lot!
about 2 and half cc.

saya sudah kumur dengan air paip yang sejuk itu.
tapi darah itu keluar tidak berhenti..

i swallowed a lot of blood!!!!
i'll must going to be a vampire tonight!!!!!

mulut saya berlumuran dengan darah masa tengok diri saya kat cermin sinki tuu..
macam dalam citer pontianak tuu..
nak nangis ni...

tak jadi nak senyum lagi....

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