Friday, June 4, 2010

holiday's do things

i just couldn't stop writing especially when my heart started to feels empty but my mind keeps working even though no internet connection at home there's nothing can stop me to writing this hell blog. HAHA. okey. so here i wrote silly things as usual because NOBODY CAN STOP ME TO WRITE. nobody. and that's why writing become one of my passionate instead of drawing, coloring, room designing, sleeping, dreamdaying, maggieing, and caffaine? because those things i'm doing people will never bother me, because there's just nobody can stop me. they are nobody to stop me.end.

29, May 2010,
Today I officially started my 1st day of holiday at home. This end semester break will be the longest break I will ever had since the previous one I was so busy with college thing, went to kursus, became fasi conducted orientation for juniors, follow up the proposal for programs and much more and now I realize how much boring I am when I’m no longer to keep busying myself anymore. Seriously boring because I had nothing to worry about such as who to meet, what to do during conducting juniors, follow up this and that, and now I can only say to myself as an empty brain, or brainless?

So just now I was thinking about what to do during my holiday, so here are some of activities that I can do to reduce my boringness. I made a deal with azmi, me and azmi, we want to become cikgu tusyen azam since azam are going to have his SPM this year. I don’t know yet what subjects to teach him, I told him he can ask me anything and azmi since he so good in physics so definitely he’ll teach physics.

Apart of planning to become cikgu tusyen azam, I was also thought of improving my cooking skills. So, I said to my mom today, “mama, mulai besok ma dengan ayah balik kerja, terus makan . wani masak.” Huhu. Bunyi macam dah terer je.. So starting from tomorrow, I’m going to prepare dishes for dinner. Seriously, since entering kolej ktdi, I haven’t cook for a while, last time at laman midah, I did cooked sayur campur, sambal ayam, sambal ikan, well, I’m not very good in cooking but at least I did try and those foods I prepared, at least it can be eaten, taste just nice and fortunately I never got any GIT discomfort (yet)..

Yesterday me and other friends, we went to rumah kak liza and we prepared dishes for her husband’s birthday, we cooked nasi tomato, ayam masak merah, and sup sayur. Wow, now I found out that it wasn’t so hard to cook all those, kak liza as a master to cook all those while we just prepared for the ingredients, but yes I did learn a lot of things. So I’m going to give a shot, I’m going to cook sup sayur tomorrow. I just checked the fridge just now, and yeah got some chicken, fish and other stuff, so I guess, I’m going to cook ayam masak merah. Hohoho. Kitchen here I come.
31 May 2010
I thought that it was easiest to teach him chemistry but it actually was a self revealed of self stupidity. Today, I gave 4 hours free tuition class to azam, Seriously how was I supposed to remember those Jadual Berkala, proton, number of electrons, how to balance the chemical equations, nucleon = neutron + proton, proton = electron, and all that!!! Seriously at first start I was catatonic for a while when azam asked me those questions. Well, I was approached him first when I said to him, “Azam, cepat. Nak Tanya pape, tanye je! Aku tengah semangat nak ajar ko ni. Asik main game je. “Then he asked me those questions and it was like a bunch of questions of chemistry and my mind was like, hello, slow down. I didn’t prepare anything yet!
But at the end I was slowly catch up the whole questions and azam was like at first, he just like “eleh, macam ingat je kakak aku ni”, but when some questions like how to calculate the mass of compound and he was absolutely stupid for that kind of question and I was just nonstop talking bla bla bla giving him free lectures and writing on the paper then calculating using calculator then the all the questions answered!!! And azam was like Hoah! staring at me and telling me, “cikgu aku tak penah ajar wei” “pergh, senang gile”. “ok, aku dah faham”. “wei, nape cikgu aku tak ajar pon sume ni?”. Aku rasa macam nak hantuk je kepala dia kat dinding. Banyak la ko salahkan cikgu tak ajar. Or maybe memang betul cikgu dia tak ajar kot. Haih, cikgu dia ni.. Feel like I just I wanted to yell at his face “HOI! KO LAGI BRAPA BULAN NAK SPM NI! TAKKAN BENDA SIMPLE CAMNI KO TAK TAW KOT!!!”.
We revised all the midyear exam’s paper, and 2005 SPM paper for chemistry and all the questions answered, Azam he just so excitedly wanted to learn so much, and when every time I asked him if he understand or not, and he passionately answered “PAHAM”, then I feel so much released and satisfied for today free tuitions(hohoh). Until I remind him its 1am already and he needs to get prepare for school tomorrow and he said to me “ok. Baru cover 20%”. Ada lagi 80% ok. So sambung lagi nanti”. Ayoyo.. adik aku ni.. buat aku risau betul..
Today, I went shopping with my mom and went for lunch together with cikmah and Najmi and Ijam, my two cousins. At my home, nurina called, asking me this like a pile lot of questions like, “kak wani, nina tak paham ni, camne nak ingat biceps triceps kat mane, nama tulang asik lupa je”. “kak wani, camne nak ingat immune system ni. Pening la”.”kak wani, nak ingat camne jantung pam darah ni susah laa..”.. ayayayayai…. Then me, “ok kembar! Datang rumah akak cuti minggu depan okey! Kita buat study group ramai ramai!!”.. haha. So basically we’re planning to do study group revision during this school holiday for 2 weeks. It’s like I have to teach azam, nurin, nurina, syahira, and amzari since they all are going to sit for the SPM this year, so I voluntarily myself to teach them.

Instead of refreshing and recalling my mind again, I also can improve my talking skills, teaching skills, memorizing skills, yeay! I’m good in teaching too! Wahaha! So excited!
Gembira rasanya, bila kita dapat turunkan ilmu pada adik-adik kita segala ilmu yang telah diturunkan oleh cikgu kita pada kita suatu ketika dahulu..
drumroll prease...
here are some of my masterpiece arts collection!
1. Colored Gass Vase
this two maybelline nail color i got it for free for buying maybelline products more than rm50. stupid. they gave me useless things. at first i thought i just want to throw it away, but ended up i used it to color this plain vase.

2. Tree Poster
i bought Buncho water color for rm 12, brushes for rm0.80 and drawing block for rm7. total about rm20. lately, trees and any natural things really inspiring me, so i'm going to drawing and coloring tree sposters as much as possible. huhu..

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