Sunday, June 20, 2010

money headache

i decided not to saving any money anymore because it gives me a real headache when it comes to me to think to much about how to saving and spending wisely. i'm so tired. like everytime when i go out i'll think about not to buy this and that, and even if i buy something to eat like, just now, i bought nasi goreng pataya and fruit cake but i didn't finish them and throw them away and now i feel regret because of it. i should just buy sandwiches or bread and it still can be filling and yet it costs much cheaper. and the thing is, i keep regretting myself of buying foodstuff while i should not to. and yesterday i went out to time square looking for 'necessary needs' but ended up buying nothing because i decided to wait until they in sales. so yesterday i wasted money for transporting and buying meals because i'm so hungry looking at packed of people go shoping like crazy and my brainless idiot couldn't stop regretting for yesterday!
you know what, i should just buy anything i want. i should not to think of many times if i should buy them or not. i should not. because when i do that, i could probably just waste a lot of time.
after 3 years i saved thousands ringgit and suffering of starvation until i getting kurus kering like this, and all friends in high school even my cousins and my aunties said to me i'm so thin, i decide to not to save of being stingy anymore.
bubye all those stupid aim of saving up to 1k at the end of my final semester and hello to miss new wisely spender. i shouldn't worry anymore if i want to draw out some money in ATM machines. i shouldn't get those anxiety and panic attack like syndrome when i spend more money to foods and necessary requirements.
i dont have to worry so much because after finish my study, it's not like im going to unemployed or someting, absolutely i will get the job, i never heard of any nurses become unemployed. so no worries.

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