Sunday, June 20, 2010

semerah cinta stilleto & vivah

today, i watched 2 movies and i learnt so much things from them. first movie titled Semerah Cinta Stilleto starring by Farid Kamal and Lisa Surihani is about a rich girl fall in love with a poor guy. the moral of the story was not about either the rich or poor or those pair of red shoes but its about how much family is important than a lover.
to me, love comes from a family. if you dont love your family, how are you going to love somebody else who's known as non-family of yours? we are all very aware of the quote of 'love yourself before you love somebody else'. i think, what it means was, love yourself. love where you comes from. love who is known as your family, love your friends and family that what makes you are now. poeple behind you that what makes you becoming a person now are deserve much more to get love from you.
i see many people sacrifice family for their lover. dont be hypocrite if you say you love your family much more than everything, dont lie to yourself, and i dont want to be such a hypocrite too, and that's why i'm writing this all about in here because one day if im about to fall in love, i'll keep remind myself to read this entry again and again. the thing is, people being such a hypocrite said that they love their family much more than his/her partner, tell me how many times you call your mother in the phone or said 'i love you mom' in your whole entire life? every week? every month? and i see such a very close example to me, my mom really dont want my brother to get involve in love yet and he knew it very well but still he go out on a date (like everyday!) with his girlfriend, texting each other like every minutes, calling up everynight, oh my god ya Allah, tak boring ke??!
he even wrongly sent a message to a wrong person, like he want to send the message to his gf, but accidentally sent it to my mother. if i'm a mother, i'll crack like hell. and i dont know how is that the feeling of a real mom of my mother. maybe she'll worries all night. she said to me "mama tak berkenan la' and thats obviously mama tak restui sangat..
and if my mom dont like her, i dont like her too. sorry to say. i may not be a good supporter as your sister, but if i have to choose either you, her, or mama, i'll chose mama first. than you second, and she will be last person i choose if i have to choose 1000 people!! why? because she meant nothing to me.
we all learnt to love human and be taught to love each other from our family. so be greatful and thankful of that. many people they think, "ah, its ok if mom doesnt like her, time to time, mom will tolerate and get used of the fact that i love her"-something like that. or "never mind if he's not good enough (clubbing, socializing, player, womenizing, smoking or anything bad), i'll make him to be a good person, i'll change him to be better" - like hello, even you cant take a good care yourself or change yourself to be good enough, how are you going to change other people's attitude or life? silly right.
and cinta semerah stilleto really taught me a lot about how much important the family are rather than a lover.
another movie i watched was Vivah - hindustand movie. this one movie is really good if you want to learn more about Indian custom, culture and religious. this movie is about a marriage that has been arranged by two family. so basically this two person never met each other, and they are arranged by their family to get married. they agreed and married and hapily ever after. ok actually the story wasn't simple as i told, a bit complicated when it comes about the mother's bride has a conflict with the bride and then something happen and a bit sad at the last scene, at the end the mother can accept the bride and all that, if you want to know just go watch la, its a great movie. aku asik menangis je bila tengok hindustand. huhu. but the moral of the story, kalau dua-dua family dah suka, dua-dua family dah restui, itulah cinta dia yang tepat. camtu lah lebih kurang kan..
perkahwinan tu bukan hanya penyatuan lelaki dan wanita, tetapi penyatuan dua buah keluarga. maksudnya kalau nak bercerai, fikirkan bahawa ianya akan putuskan hubungan dari dua buah keluarga. so memang bodoh la kan. pentingkan diri. kalau sanggup abaikan keluarga, itu memang bodoh dan pentingkan diri. haha.
wow, aku ni dah boleh jadi pakar perunding untuk orang yang nak bercerai kot. leh wat bisnes nih. huuhu.

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