Tuesday, July 27, 2010

get well soon Azam..

i mostly use this blog to express my emotion especially during PMS. and now i am in PMS Mode.
i don't know why i suddenly cried just now because of remembering my brother who just undergone knee operation. last week i went back home, and to see him like that, depending on walking stick and knee support to go to the toilet or everywhere, cant sleep comfortably because of the knee support and the pain, can't go together if mama and ayah going out, like that day, me and mama and ayah, we went to mid valley and he wanted so much to go with us but he said he worried if people looking at him with his walking aid. =(
i know he must so boring staying at home everytime mama and ayah go out and mama have to buy food for him to eat if they going out for dinner or anything. so not fair to him right.. i know, he would never knew that he must undergoing for that kind of situation. maybe before the operation he thought that he just have to suffer with that walking aid to go to school, suffering from the pain and have to take medication and all that. but now, i know deep inside him he must regretting of himself because have to going through all of this kind of suffering.
huhuhu.. seriously not fair to him.. he didn't know he have to suffer that way. because he knows nothing about this all kind of medical - surgical things. because i didn't explain in details about everything what he must undergone through.. seriously stupid i am. =(
its been a week since he discharged from hospital Pusrawi, I'm a bit disappointed because he mentioned that none of the nurses had advice him regarding or nutrition for healing process, care of operation site, medications, follow up physio and other things, seriously how useless nurses there! lucky me his sister, so i advice him a lot about everything. yesterday i bought this knee support its like a socks, and Opsite to replace the origin one since the dressing of the operation site will be the next two weeks after follow up, (how stupid, have to wait for 2 weeks for the dressing?). i want to go back home and see his condition and give all this equipment that i bought. i want to know that he's fine and okay. because i know he must so disappointed and depress and plus, he cant play football for the moment. for healing process takes place. and that football thing, he's like MUST play it twice or trice a week! and now he have to wait for 3 - 4 months to play that his favorite sport! x(

get well soon Azam. I Love You.


ramlakmi said...

Ouch.. This is painful. I dedicate a get well card i just posted on http://ramlakmi.blogspot.com/2010/07/get-well-soon.html for your brother. Let him get well soon. May God bless you.

ramlakmi said...

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