Thursday, July 29, 2010

sorry wall. another room decor.

another room decor.
sorry wall. seems that i just cant stop myself this time.
anyway, i do have good reasons,
i like to decorate my room because i live alone in this room..
i feel very empty. and i get scared like this room is being hunted of something.
and i do have evidence where i used to have nightmares every night.
so i have to do something so i don't develop this kind of paranoid or delusion of persecution.
and this room decor really helps me a lot.
now i am happy with my life!
feels like this room is living alive!haha.

ada monyet. ada burung hantu. ada katak. ada musang. ada siput. ada rama-rama. ada beruang ada arnab. ada spongebob.
oh. saya berada di wonderland!


ramlakmi said...

Hi, Swinging monkey is cute..

aCu said...

wani! cika pun beli gak mende alah cmtu nak decorate dinding bilek kat kajai ni ha. hehe

Anonymous said...

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