Saturday, September 18, 2010

hectic week scary hell

OMG. Oh My God. Ya Allah. I'm miserable! I'm a mess! why me. why must be me. I'm freaking hell scared for this upcoming week. I dont well prepared for everything. this is the scariest week that i have to going through. tomorrow I'm going to present about Psychological interventions with voice hearer in mental health class. and Mr. U really hoping and expecting I'm going to present it well. and he was commented a lot about Ong's presentation that day. and surely Mr. U wants me and tay to present well since we are going. and I am hell scare right now because I don't find any specific information about my topic that I'm going to present. i just randomly took the information in random articles. i don't know if it was right or wrong! what if it is not enough??? what if Mr. U commenting badly about my presentation? and he'll be disappointing? huwaa!! I'm dead rat!!!!
and after that monday on evening, i'm going to give a talk about Society & Public Health in Malaysia in front of lecturers, al nursing students, and that attachment students from Japan at Auditorium. the thing is, I HATE STANDING IN FRONT OF PEOPLE!! people that going to stare are me like they are going to kill me or something, waiting for me to says few words from my mouth, like "what the hell is she talking about??".
why me? why must be me! why??? Aaaaa.. im going crazy. what if im spechless. what if im stand still stupor and suddenly puke out. what if I pass out? melampau..
and then, this Tuesday, our class going to perform dancing 1 malaysia. im involving with Chinese fan dance with other Chinese girls in out batch. oh my. why didn't i take tarian zapin??? that Chinese dance, i have to do like freestyle show with that fan thing and that's like "what a hell?!!"
Aaaaaaa.a.. I'm scare like hell! i need my sister. someone that may encourage me or something. pleasee. i cant do this by myself. where are all my friends when i need them? where is my sister? they all are happily so busy with their life things but i am so miserable.

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