Friday, September 17, 2010

sisters forever

There is someone I’ve known since im 17. Someone that I used to known so well even though we’re far away from each other. We are not from the same school. We are not some kind of neighbour or anything but we known each other in Friendster. We are so close we used to chatting until midnight, we used to friendstering each other, I set her profile as my first best friend in Friendster and she did the same thing of mine. But until I went into matriks and then university and she continue in master, we getting not so close anymore.
But today, I met her. I met my sister. Kakak ku. She is so much gorgeous than I thought. She just arrived yesterday from Japan and we decided to meet at KLCC. So we went lunch at Nando’s and had talked so many things. Even it was a first time I met her, but seems like we have known so well of each other. We are so like sisters! I always wish I have a sister.. Her name is syikin. I call her kak syikin. She’s 25 years old but looks so much younger than me. She’s still single and available and currently studying master in genetic engineering at Japan. She had been study there for 6 years now and will finish at 2013 so don’t ask because she is so much Japanese rather than Malay look. And when we walked together I feel like i’m walking with someone famous Japanese star. Hehe. And the best thing I like about her is she’s very talkative person and funny sometimes. :D she even brought me some Japanese cookies. Thanks! :D
Yeay. Finally we’ve met. After 4 years we’ve known each other from Friendster, facebook and ym, finally we met. And she is very supportive person. Now I feel a feeling of afraid and worry so much about going to uk are getting lesser and lesser. Meeting with her today really helps me a lot in term of preparing myself mentally. She told me about how she tries so hard to adapt during first time at Japan and who she friends with. She told me that I should not be worry because I am lucky to get that kind of opportunity. Thanks to her I feel ok right now. Arigato gozaimas... I hope she will success in everything she do and hopefully we will always keep contact until forever.. love you kak syikin. Muah2.
Moshi moshi.

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