Monday, September 20, 2010

a talk to remember :D

seriousy i feel stupid. haha. today i presented a topic at auditorium for Japan Exchange Students Program, and thanks to God finally i managed to overcome my agoraphobia. haha.
well it went well at the beginning, but at the end i was accidentally slipped my foot over the rostrum and almost falls(actually did fall a bit but most people doesn't seem realized that) but some people nearer at the rostrum actually "WAH!!" when saw me almost falls and clumsily stand up again. haha.
anyway i did it. it just happen. so what if i fall? so what if most of the time i was stuttering, so what if i was thought block at some point, the point is, i did it. i made it. i made my speech went well even though it wasn't perfect enough like others. and now i feel maybe next time i can try again. to give talks in front of people because i actually felt great when i was up there.. even though i thought that people may talk bad things behind my back about my speech but so what? better to do it rather than nothing. maybe there are just few of them that may talk bad things about me, but at least most people appreciate it. and most importantly, next time, when i have to give talks again, i may use this kind of experience as coping strategy to improve. and this kind of experience is what i had for now for me for myself to improve next time which is most people dont have it..
thanks to everyone that had involved. people that helped me a lot, corrected my text, my pronunciation, and grammar too. yeah i know, my English sucks.

thanks guys. really appreciate it.

tay presenting

nisa presenting

and me.

hey, this is not the end.
my next challenge:
Chinese fan dance
hey baby, let us rock on stage.
i just in LOVE with traditional dances.
i had done tarian piring before this.
and now.
yeay me! :D


...teratai biru... said...

salam... hai wanie.. saya ada baca entri awak pasal raynaud's tu. wowowowowo..... kita serupaaaa...


selamat hari raya~~~

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