Sunday, October 31, 2010

Petua Sakit Belakang

Petua Kurangkan Sakit Pinggang bila Nak Tiba Waktu Tutt Tutt
( untuk wanita sahaja)

genggam sepuluh jari kau nak boxing, gunakan jari tulang jari yang timbul-timbul tu, gosok kat belakang 10 kali. pastu kau gunakan ibu jari kau yang panjang tu tekan-tekan sambil pusing kat muscle.
pastu nak lagi best, kau elastikkan badan ke belakang macam ahli gimnastik tu 10 kali.
kalo rase sakit lagi, ko tunduk kedepan dan tahan 10 kali.
boleh try jugak berdiri posisi lordosis (dalam layman word, tonggek) selama 3-5 minit.
hadoih. memang bertambah sakit. tapi pastu rase best. huhu.


Aku suka pokok. tak tahu lah kenapa mungkin sebab aku dulu suka monyet masa zaman sekolah. maybe skng aku macam dah matured sikit, so aku dah tak berapa suka monyet, tapi suka pokok. suka lukis pokok. warna pokok. tengok pokok. bercakap dengan pokok. ambil gambar dengan pokok. aku nak rumah aku atas pokok. tapi macam tak mungkin je. unless bakal laki aku pon gila pokok, kot kot dia nak beli rumah atas pokok. pehh.


Friday, October 29, 2010

5th weeks living condition

my best friend wants me to update my blog's entry. but i dont know what to write then.
its week 5th already and i miss my country so bad. now i know how lucky i am to be born in wonderful Malaysia.

last week i went to British Museum, there it got one part which the exhibition is about Islamic world. we taken photos and suddenly one of tourist asked me, where are you from? i said im from Malaysia. oh, Malaysia. such a good Islamic country.

yeah, to be compared with this country, Malaysia is much more convenient for Muslims in term of living. You dont have to check for ingredients when every time you go to supermarket and buy groceries, you don't need to be looked awkwardly because you wear such a nice Tudung Ariana the most famous Tudung's brand in Malaysia with those tiny blink blink at the edge of it and very shining brooch pinned at the shoulder, you wont be asked with such strange questions about religious when sometimes you got stuck somewhere on how to explain to them about Islam. But not least and the most importantly, you wont be chase by Turkish people who admire you so dearly.

Yeah. Malaysia. Very Good Islamic Country. everything is Halal unless if there are anything is non-halal, they will put very big notice said it's non-halal. but in this country, everything is unknown either it's halal or not, but if it's halal, they put very huge sign board in front of their shop said it's halal. and it's hardly to find it here.

Since i came here, i haven't eat meat. i just at fish and vegetables. it's 5 weeks, and i can remember how many times i ate chicken. we had bought slices of halal chicken at supermarket once to cook at home, and there was once I ate at Halal Fast Food, and there was also once I ate chicken at Subway. that's all. then, never ate them anymore. i miss beef.. i need beef... help me... i want beef... huhuhu....

Briefly about my placement at here, everything went well so far. Now i can manage to catch up with they're language, their British accent, and i still feel odd when I have to call my Mentor and the other teachers by their name, 'Awudu', 'Hannah', 'Emmanuel' etc. really rude.

And when the first time i interview a patient here, i was like "What a hella are you talkin about?!"I don't understand their pronunciation at all. and some of patients presented with schizophrenic symptoms like they mumbling things and i don't understand any single words. But i guess now i can catch up. and Alhamdulillah, patients here are very very cooperative with me so far. and I even have one favorite patient where he's on my study case right now. so basically, what i have to do is, maintain good rapport with him, maintain eye contact with him in conversation so that he will remember me, monitor his progression and condition, listening and advising, make care plans for him, and you tell me what else to do.

monday I'll go to MIND. it's a place where patients drop in and do activities with staffs and other patients there. My mentor also guide me very well enough. He will arrange for me to go visit Park Avenue as well, and Hannah, the social worker also will bring me to the ward one day and follow ward round. She really helps me a lot even though she's not my mentor, and i really appreciate it. Dr. Mirza, he used to call me 'lady' when he asked a patient do you know the 'lady' over there? what's her name? He's really friendly. And Dr. Phenton too. Being so nice and friendly. and that Tallest Man, Mathew, he keeps calling me 'Yummy'.

I'm gonna miss this place. 3 weeks more to go then I'll be gone.
But i miss Malaysia loads.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

living as a Muslim

one day, on my 1st week, there was a pharmacology lecture, and they provided lunch, i didn't remember i was at UK, so I should be more sensitive when it comes to food. there were also a few Muslims attended to the talk (which is I found out they are Muslim, in the following week).
they provided Chinese food where they ordered from Chinese Food stall, one of the staff said to me, "Wanie, this one is for vegetarian". i was like, "So, what, I'm not vege" I'm SO STUPID or maybe a bit SLOW PICK UP, she mentioned Vege because she know I'm a Muslim so I cant eat non Halal. but then, one guy said "Is this PORK?" while pointed his finger to one of the dishes. they I REALIZED, "Oh God. I already put some of the meals onto my plate, then I slowly silently put them back onto where i took them, and I asked few people, are this Chicken or Pork (one of the dishes on my plate) , then they said, its Chicken. i said, "Are you sure?". he replied, "I think so.". ok. she's no sure. but it was a shame because i cannot put them back on to where i took, so, basically i just let it be onto my plate, so i just ate rice and vegetables.
i ate my rice and vegetables with suspicious and so worried, but then i realized, if they use the same utensils (Periuk, pisau, etc) to cook Pork, but then use them to cook vegetarian food, it's still not Halal right?
(T.T) too late..
I ate all of them (rice and vegetables) already until i realized that..

when I asked one guy here, "Are these Pork?" and he said "I dont know" then he asked,
"Why?" "You cannot eat Pork?"
and i said
"No I Cant. Definitely NOT"
I mean.. sorry..
you are obviously see me wearing tudung (hijab) but then you asking me such that question?
and he even asked Tay, my chinese friend,
"is Wanie is a Muslim?"

if I'm not a Muslim, why am I wearing this Tudung? what a silly question?
anyway, kak Ida said, people here not necessarily a Muslim if they are wearing Tudung.
sometimes they wear that for a Fashion purpose.

One guy ask my friend, what religious she belongs to. then she said, she's a Buddhist. but not really pure.
he asked, i it like Half-half? 50%?
she said, yea, 50%.

and then he asked me,
how bout you Wanie?
i said, "I'm a Muslim"
(what else do you think?)
how many percentage?
i said,
"Definitely 100%!"
oh God, this is really can be tiring.

and he asked, so if you are a 100% Muslim, means that, you do all that Fasting?
i said,
"Yeah! I do all the fasting. (except that if i'm period)
and he asked me, "Why?"
because it's a MUST.
It's one of the Rukun Islam.
and then, I explained to him all the Rukun Islam (bagi ceramah pulak kat dia...)

the thing is, Muslim people here are very different from Malaysia..
most of them, they dont go Fasting for the whole month because they day time periods here are more longer than the night time. they go for Sahur at 4am, Buka Puasa at 9pm. so, most of them if they cant afford to make it, they wont fast, and 'ganti' or pay back during winter time where the day time more shorter which is Sahur at 5, buka puasa at 4pm. sometimes, they dont bother to replace it. i dont know.

waktu solat here are quite confusing, this Autumn/ winter seasons, subuh will be at 5am, zohor at 12noon, asar at 2pm, maghrib at 4pm, isya at 5pm. and i dont know if i can manage my time properly since my posting at here are mostly going for Home Visit, meeting, and they dont have specific break time like 'lunch hour' we had at malaysia, so I'm so depressed to think of how am i going to manage my prayer time. I'm so SAD. i have 5 weeks more to go. and I'm so LOW.

i think i'm lost.

help me, because I'm lost.
and please.
i need a Muslim friend.
A Muslim FRIEND.
i wont tell my problem at here.
because it's a shame.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Detention at Immigration, Stansted London, UK

We departed from KL at 3pm and arrived at London at 10pm (UK time), it was 13 hours journey with Air Asia and to be honest, it wasn’t good enough. We paid for the ticket include meals and luggage which costs about rm3000, and the pre book meals was about more than rm100 but it was only 2 meals per journey and another 2 meals when we return. But it seems like too expensive as we compared with meals that directly ordered during journey because the main meal was less than rm20. So I supposed, never pre book your meal if you taking Air Asia.
When we arrive, I and Tay were gone through passport check. I was passed at the counter and went to take my luggage but then I realized my friend didn’t pass yet. About half an hour after that she came after me with one of the immigration officer and he asked me follow him as Tay didn’t passed at immigration counter.
To make it short, we were escorted to one of the room and we were separated in a room where we were interviewed so many of questions. They even asked me to count my money that I brought along. The asked what reasons that we come here and we had everything explained, we had the offer letter, the letter from institution, letter of good conduct from ministry of foreign affairs, letter from lecturers and our passport. But the immigration didn’t let go of us because of they said that we didn’t have visa. The thing is, we had been confirmed by ministry of foreign affairs, even our seniors who also came here to study at the same place we’re going were also didn’t make visa because we only stay for 2 months. But then when we arrived there, I was doubtful why is that I was able to passed but my friend didn’t and there were also Japanese students which one of them had visa but the other one didn’t have but still get detention and asked to leave UK and going back to their country. The thing is, I don’t mind if we’re about to be detain at 2 hours or 3. But the detention was 11 hours. We already booked the taxi and he was waiting for us about 5 hours. We waited at 11pm since arrive until 7am when we was being told that the immigration has made a decision that we have to go back to Malaysia immediately tonight where we will be escorted to the flight and then only our passport will be given. It’s really sounds like we are some kind of criminal or something. We were so upset and only God knows how bad we’re cried all day and asked them if there any other options instead of return back to Malaysia. It’s really a worst thing ever happen in my life because in the detention, our pictures were taken, our fingerprints also were taken, and they took all our baggage and cellphone and lock them up because they afraid if we are going to take pictures from that phone. So when we were informed that we have to go back home no matter what, and that time we still can’t accept the fact that we have to go back to Malaysia immediately tonight on that day. It was 13 hours in the flight to get here and we even haven’t see this country yet and was be there at less than 24 hours, and now we’re asked to leave the country immediately, what a hell is that? And it’s not only me and Tay, there were also the other Malaysian students, Japanese students, and Russian, who were asked to leave because of the same reason like us, they don’t have the visa but visiting for 1-3 months.
After cried like hell, and one of the immigration allowed us to make a cal. We try to reach Mr. Utharas out lecturer at Malaysia, the officer only allowed us to use their phone so we basically took out our simcard and put them in their phone and that won’t work because their phone quit unfamiliar, and that time we’re so upset and so sadly depressed and our eyes are really swollen. But then, we finally able to reach Mr Utaharas and he calls the immigration and then we’re also talk a lot about why we are here, there’s nothing to do about getting any payment or something, we are just go study and then to make the story short, they re-considerate again about the decision that they had made, and finally they agreed to let us enter to the country in less than 3 months only.
Seriously, only God knows how relieved we are that time, to be given another opportunity, I was already pasrah and accept the fact that I’ll be leaving soon back to Malaysia and will see an unhappy faces of my mom and my dad at the air port, and during detention, I called my mama and ayah, and mama also burst into tears after heard me cries and telling her everything and I’m going back to Malaysia tonight and Mama Ayah told me, tak kisah la tak dapat blaja kat sana, yang penting wani balik Malaysia dengan selamat. jangn risau kena bayar balik ke apa, ayah akan bayar, mama pon nangis-nangis masa cakap, aku pon nangis-nangis masa cakap dengan dia. (T.T)
Kerana berkat doa mama ayah kat sana, and I knows Allah will protect me wherever I go and I know I have no one else but Him, and Allah bless me and finally we’re released. Alhamdulillah.

My Advice, If anyone wants to go to UK, do your VISA even though it's only for 1-2 days if you plan to study, and if you state that you just want to visit, don't say u want to stay for 1 month or above because they will detain you. it's kinda new rules and regulations now.