Friday, October 29, 2010

5th weeks living condition

my best friend wants me to update my blog's entry. but i dont know what to write then.
its week 5th already and i miss my country so bad. now i know how lucky i am to be born in wonderful Malaysia.

last week i went to British Museum, there it got one part which the exhibition is about Islamic world. we taken photos and suddenly one of tourist asked me, where are you from? i said im from Malaysia. oh, Malaysia. such a good Islamic country.

yeah, to be compared with this country, Malaysia is much more convenient for Muslims in term of living. You dont have to check for ingredients when every time you go to supermarket and buy groceries, you don't need to be looked awkwardly because you wear such a nice Tudung Ariana the most famous Tudung's brand in Malaysia with those tiny blink blink at the edge of it and very shining brooch pinned at the shoulder, you wont be asked with such strange questions about religious when sometimes you got stuck somewhere on how to explain to them about Islam. But not least and the most importantly, you wont be chase by Turkish people who admire you so dearly.

Yeah. Malaysia. Very Good Islamic Country. everything is Halal unless if there are anything is non-halal, they will put very big notice said it's non-halal. but in this country, everything is unknown either it's halal or not, but if it's halal, they put very huge sign board in front of their shop said it's halal. and it's hardly to find it here.

Since i came here, i haven't eat meat. i just at fish and vegetables. it's 5 weeks, and i can remember how many times i ate chicken. we had bought slices of halal chicken at supermarket once to cook at home, and there was once I ate at Halal Fast Food, and there was also once I ate chicken at Subway. that's all. then, never ate them anymore. i miss beef.. i need beef... help me... i want beef... huhuhu....

Briefly about my placement at here, everything went well so far. Now i can manage to catch up with they're language, their British accent, and i still feel odd when I have to call my Mentor and the other teachers by their name, 'Awudu', 'Hannah', 'Emmanuel' etc. really rude.

And when the first time i interview a patient here, i was like "What a hella are you talkin about?!"I don't understand their pronunciation at all. and some of patients presented with schizophrenic symptoms like they mumbling things and i don't understand any single words. But i guess now i can catch up. and Alhamdulillah, patients here are very very cooperative with me so far. and I even have one favorite patient where he's on my study case right now. so basically, what i have to do is, maintain good rapport with him, maintain eye contact with him in conversation so that he will remember me, monitor his progression and condition, listening and advising, make care plans for him, and you tell me what else to do.

monday I'll go to MIND. it's a place where patients drop in and do activities with staffs and other patients there. My mentor also guide me very well enough. He will arrange for me to go visit Park Avenue as well, and Hannah, the social worker also will bring me to the ward one day and follow ward round. She really helps me a lot even though she's not my mentor, and i really appreciate it. Dr. Mirza, he used to call me 'lady' when he asked a patient do you know the 'lady' over there? what's her name? He's really friendly. And Dr. Phenton too. Being so nice and friendly. and that Tallest Man, Mathew, he keeps calling me 'Yummy'.

I'm gonna miss this place. 3 weeks more to go then I'll be gone.
But i miss Malaysia loads.

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