Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Year 4 Post Exam Reflection: Patient Education and Medical Sociology

both subjects, not that too difficult, but not that too easy, but my arms ache like i have muscular dystrophy cause i have to write papers nonstop since yesterday and today!! and THANK GOD sebab besok paper statistic! Yuhuuu!!! (sambil menari macam pondan) Paper yang terpaling lah 'SENANG' kannn!!!! x) memang mampos la aku besok.

Patient Education

Patient education, 2 questions: one was about methodology of teaching. i thought we can pick any method that we want but unfortunately it had been set lecture and tutorial. stupid. nasib baik aku baca lecture dengan small group discussion kan. kalau tak mampos aku tak bole jawab. nasib baik la dia tak tanya role play ke, demonstration, memang mampos la aku.

so, lecture and tutorial. whatt are the benefits and what are the disadvantages. another one question was about the teaching plan for obese patient with the family history of diabetes and hypertension. so, i explain, bla bla bla. it tooks 1 hour and half and memang tak cukup masa and i wrote all the silly milly merepek meraban until 2 booklets of papers i wasted.

damn, just wait for the result. im not hoping for anything, not hoping for that damn A+++++ i just hope i will pass, that would be enough. (;

Medical Sociology

6 questions but we can only choose 2, so without thinking too much, i picked up Hospital as a Social System and Dengue Fever. walaweh, seriously memang aku tak rugi present topic Hospital as a Social System tu sebab memang ramai yang amik tajuk tuh. perh, bagus jugak. haha. yang bestnye, all the presentation about Hospital as a Social System was prepared all by MYSELF even though i was grouped with the other colleague. they found the craps one but that slide presentation and the information in there were totally all made by myself and nothing being added up by them, none at all. and fewh! keluar plak utk exam kan. prof hood pon macam rase ape yg group aku present ni macam sesuai letak kat dalam exam question kan, so im so happy sebab prof hood amik topik aku utk exam. im so lovely lucky! hahaha.

im so lucky la lately. soalan mental health pasal Learning Theories pon aku dengan ong dan jun present masa kelas patient education, tetibe kuar plak kat mental health kann. leganya aku tak sia-sia menelaah internet dan buku utk present tajuk tu, dan dan plak kuar exam kann.

tajuk intevention pasal voice hearer pon kuar gak kat soalan exam, hadoih memang im so lucky la sebab aku macam orang gila prepare utk present tajuk tu. dah le sume info takde dalam buku. pinjam buku belambak kat library, sume tak bole pakai. sume cakap pasal medical aspect je, pasal drug ke jadah je, at the end info yang aku dapat sume pakai korek campur aduk maklumat dari journals research and articles yang dah publish. haha. syok.syok. Mr. U pon cakap better find out dari journal sebab tu lagi terkini termini kan. hohoho.

u now what, all psychotic drugs are sucks. not good for psy patients. what best for patient is the psychosocial interventions.

Entry made by Future Mental Health Nurse Wannabe!!!!
(sambil menyanyi lagu Britney Spear Part - Lucky)

none title again

1st Home Visit (15 Oct 2010, 13:47)

St/N Wani's entry.

Seen at home today with Student Nurse Wani and Lilian (Home Treatment Team). Home environment was untidy, poor lighting, and he was watching television and having a tea before we arrived. Presented as well kempt, looked calm and settled down on couch. Minimal eye contact during conversation, speech was normal in rate but low in tone and volume. Mood was low with suicidal ideation as he claimed “I hear voices saying to kill myself”. S.C. claimed he heard voices since three weeks ago and it was getting worse even though he took his medication. He described he heard voices during early morning and late night, it was male and female voices and command him to kill himself. He denied of hearing voices commanding him to kill/harm others. He expressed himself feeling pressure and depression when he heard the voices. He claimed he did not believe the voice as he knows he is unwell. Currently, he claimed he denied hearing the voices. Discussed upon his request to be admitted into hospital, explained to him there are not enough beds in hospital for him but he will be seen frequently and look after by Home Treatment and CMHT. Stephen showed his medication taken from Pharmacy, three boxes contain with tablets. He claimed did not take his medication this morning. He seems well known of what medication he’s on as he told the indication of each tablet. Stephen complained of feeling as if he wants to vomit but nothing came out. He was advised to discuss with GP about it. He claimed he burnt himself accidentally when he went took bath scalding his bottom and back of thights. There were so many (Fucidin) cream medications on the table he uses to soothe the area.

4th Home Visit (28 Oct 2010; 12:00)

Mr.S.C. seen at home today by Awudu (care-coordinator), Jameson CPN from Home Treatment Team, and Wani (student nurse). Steve was sleeping during home visit. He opened the door for us, welcomed us and he settled down on couch. Jameson explain the reason we came as he will be discharge from HTT and referred back to CMHT. Jameson thanks to Mr. S.C. as he is very cooperative during under HTT. Mr. S.C. said thank you to HTT for take a good care of him and he would be happy to be look after by CMHT again. Steve present well kempt, no evidence of psychosis or depression, normal tone, rate and volume of speech, maintained good eye contact during conversation. Steve claimed the voices the he hears is getting reduce and the medication helps him a lot. Mr.S.C. said that he would like to paint his wall in red colour because he likes Arsenal Football Team. Mr.S.C. said he will come to Depot clinic for his next injection. Mr. S.C. claimed he would be happy to go to Park Avenue and MIND Enfield to involve with drop-in activities over there.

Entry by: Wani (St/N)

p/s: i miss my patient. i even gave him an Arsenal poster and the team players photos last time i met him. huhu. and i miss my Mentor too. and i miss Hannah as well. i miss the whole place back in London! :'(

p/s: there are reasons why i didn't put pictures of the whole clinical posting back there, one reason because of the confidential of psychiatric posting, another one because i have to prepare for the presentation to the department therefore it would be no point if i 'present' it here of fb. so, surprise.. :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Year 4 Post Exam Reflection: Mental Health (Psychiatric)

1. Psychosocial Assessment

i dont remember what i answered, but i put everything in my head of what it's all about in psychosocial asssessmnet, demograhphic data, mental state erxamination, personal history (family history, psychiatric history, drug history, history of suicidal attempt, history of violance/self harm/ harm to others), social status (relationship, role and function, financial status, housing, working environment/occupation, culture, beleif an dreligion), physical status include coping, functional, current problems) and bla.bla.bla...

2. Cognitive features of Major Depression

i explained about the cognitive triad. negative thought of a person put self down,/ self downing/ self awfulising, perceive no future for him/herself (include suicidal thought/ end of life), perceive world/life as unfair, people/life are against him. perceive self as worthlessness, helplessness, perceive future as hopelessness.

3. behavioral theories and treatment of Obsessive Complusive Disorder (OCD)

i explained about classical conditioning and operant conditioning and how are they related to OCD. person who suffer from OCD usually develop maladaptive response of early psychological development especially during childhood. (ntah betul ke tak ni). explained about what is obsession: recurrent and persistent abnormal thought about natural stimuli and compulsion: abnormal action/behavior to neutralize/reduce/ suppress the thought.
i expleined examples of OCD: a child obsess about bacteria and keep washing his had (compulsion) probably during childhood he got scoled by his mom or got food poisoning that makes him develop irrational belief about the bacteria (source of harm).

i put the treatment usually systemic desensitization: expose to the the source of stimuli. i explained how it supposed be done like make a schedule how many times the person wash hand, put a target number of he would wash hand/ target how long he would not wash his hand, and gradually make it more longer and evaluate him/ let patient realize nothing bad happen to him when he did not wash his had. other treatment like operant conditioning, where award/punish is given to patient to maintain new behavior. bla.bla.bla.. tal ingat dah ape aku explained

4. psychosocial intervention for voice hearer.

seriously ntah ape yang aku tulis ampai 2 page. ok, 2 page better lagi siap ade orang tu 3 buku kertas dia tulis, haha aku taknak jadi lecturer sakit pale je kot nak bace banyak-banyak..anyway takot gak kot2 2 page tu cam tak cukup sebab markah 10.hish. ntah le.

but anyway, i explained all the interventions like group based therapy, family therapy, CBT include thought stopping, systemic desensitization, self-distraction, bla.bla.bla.
i explained about social aspect as well like keep engaging with mental health resource center that provide therapies such as art therapy, music therapy, and sports as well.

hadioh memenag aku takingat ape yg aku tulis kat sini.

5. therapeutic reraltionship.

aku pon membebel pasal core condition of Carl Rogers : empathy, unconditional psoitive regard, genuineness, should be in the therapeuitc remationship with patients. there are 3 phases of this rerlationship: orientation phase, working phase and termination phase.

damn it!! aku baru igt aku lansung tak cakap what makes it different from social relationship!! fuck off!!! huarg!! bodos!!!!

ok. fuhh.dah lepas! lantak kau lah!.anyway aku explained pasal all the phases memang panjang melebar la. tak sanggup nak tulis kat sini tetibe cam takde mood an bile pkir ade point aku tertinggal. ni gara-gara aku tak tahan nak kencing sangat la ni. bodoh punye nescafe. sebab kau ar aku rasa nak terkencing time nak exam! bongok!!!!

6. Scenario. pasal psychotic patient develop relapse. so ape nursing interventions dan banyak lagi la dia tanya. disebabkan baldder aku dah kembung macam nak pecah aku gi tahan kencing, aku tak leh focus nak jawab tajuk ni. tapi 3 page panjang melebar aku explain. huwaa!!

lantak kau lah! dah habis!! bubye mental health!! next!!!! Patient Education Paper!!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

stress counselling (Mental Health Nurse to Be)

why are you so stress? why you want to be stress? why do you choose to stress yourself when there's so many good things happened to your life?
let me think, what is the most stress to me right now at the moment?
right. final exam. second last semester final exam next week this monday.
i have another 8-10 months to go to be a real Nurse.
why i must be stress? everything is totally fine so far. I'm doing mental health, the easiest one, I'm in my final year, why i want to be stress? i got chosen to go to UK, gained great experiences doing mental health in such a develop country, cant my life be so much better than now? i got 3.46 which not good enough to compare with other friends but at least more than 3. if i stress myself just because i want to chase that 3.7 but at the end i sill being a nurse, it doesn't change anything right. so why must be stress? i enjoy study while watching Miami Medical and Vampire Diaries even though some of the information seems doesn't be absorbed into my leaking brain, but yet i don't wanna get stress, so i really should enjoy my every minute of my life.

everything seems so fine to me right now. my family nearer to me, so i don't have to feel homesick. i don't have specific best friend but i still got the coolest housemates and coolest cousin, so I'm not alone. I'm not that type of desperate sober girl who craving for ignorance boyfriend because of loneliness. i can wear anything, i don't have to worry if i cant find a perfect dress because i don't have my size, i have a normal weight (i think so) so i don't have to be bulimic just because i want to get a perfect body. i love my body i love myself. i have good skin, i use good skin care product, i don't have to worry if i might look ugly when i don't put on make up because i don't need one. i am happy being makupless.

I am enjoying every single moment i have in my life. and you too. you should not feel stress. don't be. because life is too short to be stress. today you go to the class, meet your friends, gossiping, make mistakes, being scold, phone your mom, update your status "My Life Sucks" on your Facebook, then the next day you'll probably be hit by a bus then die.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Miss London ( i miss you London)

when I was in London ( i hate using that 'was'), during Eid (it was on Tuesday a day early than in Malaysia which celebrated on Wednesday), i celebrated it alone by myself. seriously it was really sad (another way to describe instead of bad), i want to make a cupcakes but then they turn into porridge-cakes since i dumbly added 250mL milk instead of 25mL as in instructed.
i want to make cookies but then they turn into charcoal (arang batu) because i stupidly put in 180'C instead of 140'C. what a sad day. i didn't give up, so i made the better one ( it's a long story anyway).
then i know i still got plenty of a day to celebrate Eid lonelinessly by my own, i went to the mosque in the morning for Eid prayer. in the mosque, i feel like a stranger ( i am stranger) where all of them are in black and some of them wear very grandiosely glamorous colorful shining dress but me the only one wearing all white Telekung in the middle of the crowded. it was really awkward feelings, really felt different. seriously, enough of being different in the workplace because i'm the only one wear hijjab but then in the mosque again i felt different. ok. i better love my country now.

when i WAS in London, i went to Harrods the world largest shopping mall (bangga la sangat) and i bought Clinique, my new skin product.

the good thing is, i got free goodie bag and i would never ever regret of buying this product for the rest of my life even though it quite expensive.
i bought liquid facial soap (200mL), clarifying lotion (200mL), and mosturizing lotion (50mL). all cost 43 pounds.
i got free fancy makeup bag, duo eye shadow, de-aging cream, long-last lipstick, makeup remover, mascara, airbrush concealer and scrub cream. isn't that cool!!!! buy only 3 products then i got 8 free gifts!! i went to Zara as well, and i cant stay longer in there because it was too crowded macam pasar tani jual ikan.

when i was in London, i went to Queensbay, i bought souvenirs and this cute shirts! for me and for my sis!

i miss London.
but i love Malaysia.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

none title non of your blurping business

punye la boring asik study je sebab nak exam minggu depan aku pon dengan muka dakde keje berpekdah nak buat telah menggooglekan nama aku kat google. haha.
tapi memang cool giler ar bile aku google "norshazwani nasaruddin" dan skang baru aku taw, aku sorang je la dalam dunia ni yang ada nama "norshazwani nasaruddin". sebab sume links yang keluar kat google tu adalah diri aku. takde orang lain nama "norshazwani nasaruddin" melainkan aku sorang. hahahaha. bangganya..

dan yang bestnye, banyak jugak website yang link kan aku dekat website lain lagi-lagi post yang aku buat pasal orang asli dan taman negara. amik ko. nak jugak rasa bangga kann..

P/S: got somebody being my shadow all the time right now. and i really don't like that bitch bitching me around like you don't have nothing better to do. mind your own business. (imbalance hormone. really full moon right now)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gigi Cantik

Saya ada 2 housemates kat UK, they are freaking excellent students. one, kak Ummu, study PhD in Math in Imperial Collage, another one, kak Alia, study PhD as well in Dentistry. and me, I'm nobody. huhu.last Friday we had a long conversation, we talked about politic, about Religion, foods, and tooth, since kak Alia is expert on it. Funny, my teeth is a type 2 deviation 2 kind of tooth. Kalau tak silap aku la, pergh, gigi pon ade pelbagai jenis.

kak Alia bagi free lecture kot pada kitorang pasal gigi. Dia pakar doktor gigi. Skang dia buat specialist in dental peadiatric. Dia memang pandai la bab bab gigi, dia dah masuk OT jahit rahang gusi mat-mat rempit dah berapa banyak dah yang patah gusi rahang sebab accident, Ngerri kot bile dengar..

Gigi saya tak cantik. gigi saya gigi arnab. dulu masa kecik-kecik orang panggil gigi ni gigi 'Jongos', 'Jongang', dan pelbagai lagi takrifan pada gigi saya..

nak tahu tak.. kita ada gigi geraham. yang paling hujung ni. dalam bahasa inggeris dipanggil Molar. menurut kata kak alia, gigi geraham yang tumbuh masa bayi, atau masa kanak-kanak, gigi tersebut perlu dijaga sehingga kanak-kanak tersebut berumur 12-13 tahun. (Apasal ayat aku sekema sangat.)

Tapi, kak alia dan doktor-doktor gigi yang lain cukup meluat apabila ibu bapa datang ke klinik bawak anak diorang yang baru 3-4 tahun, untuk cabut gigi geraham. Come on la. gigi tu patutnya boleh tahan sampai umur 12 tahun. Budak-budak ni pulak tak reti jaga gigi, makan coklat tak gosok gigi, tak pasal-pasal rosak dan kene cabut dan membuatkan doktor gigi sakit hati.

nak tahu tak kenapa gigi geraham tu perlu dijaga sampai umur 12 tahun? Kenapa ye? Pe pekdahnye?
k, macam ni. gigi tu lah diibarat sebagai tiang. kalau nak buat rumah, perlu tiang, baru boleh letak batu bata dan akhir sekali letak atap. baru la rumah tu siap dan cantik. macam gigi, gigi geraham/Molar adalah sebagai tiang untuk gigi yang lain tumbuh cantik dan kemas. Kalau kita cuba imbas kembali di zaman kanak-kanak, gigi geraham kita actually tumbuh masa umur 12 tahun macam tu. kalau gigi tu rosak awal dan kena cabut awal, kita kena tunggu sampai umur 12 tahun, baru gigi geraham kekal tumbuh.
tak bagus tu adik-adik. waktu tu dah terlambat. gigi lain dah berterabur tumbuh bersepah-sepah. pastu ko salahkan keturunan ko jongang. padahal ko yang tak gosok gigi pas makan coklat.

Kak. Abis tu kan, kite takleh makan coklat la nanti gigi tu rosak..

Boleh adik-adik.. sape habaq tak boleh makan coklat...
Kalau tuan-tuan dan puan-puan nak bagi anak tuan puan makan coklat, digalakkan bagi mereka makan time lepas makan. maksud saya, makan coklat or sweet, or ice cream after lunch/dinner. not in between meal. Contohnya:

12pm- lunch time.
3pm- "mama, nak makan ice cream!
- "no, no, no. cannot! nanti time dinner baru makan okey sayang!"

5pm - dinner time
5.30- "tq mama, dah kenyang makan nasi."
-"ok sayang, mari makan pencuci mulut. Ice Cream paddle Pop"
6pm - "ok sayang, mari pergi berus gigi"

k puan-puan, kalau nak tahu, after lunch/dinner time, asid dalam mulut kita tinggi. jadi bila kita makan sweet, ice cream or coklat or sewaktu dengannya, dia macam neutralkan keasidan gigi. asid dalam mulut juga boleh lindungi gigi.

tapi in between lunch/dinner, time tu asid dalam mulut rendah. lagi makan benda manis, lagi boleh merendahkan keasidan mulut. tu yang tak elok sangat tu. tu yang gigi sagat predispose nak rosak tu.

Aku pon nak terangkan secara detail pasal keasidan mulut pon tak pandai sangat. tanya lah doktor gigi ek nanti.

Menurut kata Doktor Alia jugak, kita takboleh sangat buat whitening gigi kat clinic. ala, skang sume nak gigi cantik putih berseri pegi bayar mahal-mahal kat dentist untuk cuci gigi buat whitening or bleaching.

tak bagus tu puan-tuan, sebab procedure bleaching tu, menyerap kalsium dari dalam gigi atau dikenali dentin, nanti enamel (lapisan paling luar gigi) makin menipis. nanti gigi makin lama jadi transparent, dan juga gusi mudah berdarah, dan jugak cepat rapuh bila dihari tua nanti. nanti dah umur 60 dah kena makan bubur sebab gigi takda... k, skang canggih boleh buat gigi palsu, ko kaya sangat kan, pegi la buat gigi emas palsu. fine.
tapi apo nak dikato skng ni, bleaching/whitening tak bagus k.

itu saja dari Wani, a nurse wannabe!
dada. nak buat assignment. tutt~

Friday, November 5, 2010

Modesty is Wonderful thing

"I am not religious at all, but am fascinated in the beauty of wearing hijaabs/veils on women, it looks really beautiful. I wish I had an excuse to wear a hijaab, I do believe in modesty and privatising myself to an extent, but you can only imagine the criticism a white non-religious girl would get for wearing one in public. :/"

"I have the same issue. I would like to don a scarf in a similar fashion as the hijaab. Especially as a college student I feel like when I go out, I become an object to guys walking down the street once it's after dark (weekends are the worst when you add alcohol the the mix). I would really like to start wearing a hijaab but also don't want to offend any Muslims or Islamics. But at the same time, I want to be respected for my brains and personality, not body."

"I totally agree! I am not religious and white but am facinated with head scarves ! I think it is wrong for so many young girls to be wearing such revealing clothing. When I wear clothes that reveal, I only feel more self-concious. If I could go around wearing a hijaab without odd looks I would. I belive in modesty an wish I could wear such a beautiful garmet. I wouldn't have to fuss over hair either... :/"


since the news papers are lately keep telling story about "Muslim student trying to kill MP - Member of Parliament (they put very big picture of a woman who's wearing hijjab), "Beyond the veil", "new rule of school uniform: no niqabs (purdah)" etc.etc. I really dont like it.. because i see people starts looking awkwardly like i'm going to bomb the bus or the train because i'm wearing hijjab. =(

but then i realize, actually some people are non-muslim are actually admiring hijjab but cant wear it because they afraid they might offend any muslims or they might look awkwardly because they're not Muslim but wears hijjab.

today, i feels respected. a guy give me a way first to enter the bus, dr. mirza open doors for me at the office (and he remember my name! he even sign in for me!) one lady give me a sit right next to her, smiling at me, asked me weather i had finish reading Evening Standard because she wants to read it as well, a guy at the supermarket wish me "Asslaamualaikum". well it's normal things happen to everyone in this country, but i feel good. maybe because i'm in a good mood i guess.

all these good things happened to me because of this Hijjab. thank you hijjab. You bring God bless to me.

I wonder, are they looking at me because i looked awkward or because they just probably think that my Hijjab looks good on me? :)

(sebenarnya aku nak bagitaw, aku pandai posing. huhuu)

watch this video: it's really inspiring me. :)

aku tak tahu ape kaitan gambar ni dgn entry ni. ntah pape.

benda bodoh yang pernah aku buat masa kecik-kecik

Gunting eyelash
Dulu bulu mata aku sangat panjang dan aku tak suka. Aku pegi potong sampai kontot. Mak aku mengamok bila Nampak aku potong eyelash aku. Dia cakap, bulu mata tak tumbuh macam rambot. Pastu aku nangis, mane aku tahu.. aku ingat bulu mata akan tumbuh.. huhu. Tapi skng bulu mata aku dah panjang balik, tapi tak panjang la, mcm normal je. Tapi, kalau la aku tak potong eyelash aku dulu, mesti lagi panjang skang ni.. huhuhu.. sedih nye. ;”(
Lari sampai langgar tiang
Masa tu time nak raya, aku dapat beli bunga api, punya lah gembira, aku show off kat kawan-kawan aku yg aku dapat beli bunga api sambil berlari-lari pastu terkanggar tiang. Koyak kepala aku. Akubalik rumah, nyorok dalam bilik takot bapak aku marah. Pastu aku tengok darah dah berlumuran sampai ke lantai, aku takot, dan menangis pelan-pelan pastu makin kuat. Bapak aku masuk bilik, terkejot berok dia, lantas dia bawak aku pegi klinik. Mak aku kat umah uwan dapat tahu, dia memangis macam la aku ni dah mati. Huhu. Pastu doctor kat klinik tu jahit kepala aku. Aku rasa kan, aku ada short term memory loss skng ni ni sebab accident tu la kot. Isk3. ;”(

saya jual payung. satu pound. murah. tapi payung ni dah hilang. kena curik masa kat London =(.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

will u marry me. no, thank you.

this guy is too far away enough. keeps calling me Yummy all the time, and now he asking me to marry him. i said NO. because he is not Muslim. Then he said, "I want to convert to Muslim". I said, "Why?". "Because I want to marry you". I sad, "That's not a good idea". He asked "Why?". I said, "because its not good if somebody wants to convert Islam just because he wants to marry to someone Muslim. Not just marrying. but you with whole your heart and your soul faithfully have convert as well ." he said, "But knowing you as a Muslim is another way to knowing Islam".

ok. fine, i think he's right. but it's still not a good idea. i dont think i am strong enough to guide someone when i myself needed a guide by someone.

silly.. all this talking really made me thinking a lot. i know he just joking about that marrying thing, he just want to know my opinion if like one day, if i destined to marry a non-Muslim guy, what would i do, what would i think.

He always talk to me about religious thing especially Islam. he asked me once, what if i marry to non-Muslim guy, what will happen to me? I said, he has to convert first,then he can marry me. he said, what if you (me) convert, I said I'll probably be removed from my family. and I will definitely wont convert. never. I said, marriage is not about two person in relationship, marriage is about two family unite. he said, but what if you really really love this guy and you cant live without him? I said, love is where you learn from your family, since when you born, you learn to love and to be loved originally from your family, but now, because of love, you abandon your family, you sacrifice your family, i don't think that's a good idea. That's totally wrong and ridiculous.

Whatever it is, Saya prefer Melayu... hihihi..
terima kasih daun keladi kerana minat saya. tapi saya minat kat orang Melayu. dan beragama Islam. saya pon berangan jugak nak laki yang soleh. yang boleh jage saya sebagai wanita. yang membimbing saya dan anak-anak saya tentang agama.. kalau saya kawen dengan awak, saya la yang kena bimbing awak dan anak-anak. Anak-anak saye comel..macam saye.. haha..Bluek! nak muntahh!! apahal aku tetibe cakap pasal kawen dan anak nih! ok. melalut tak tentu pasal.

keputusannya, saya nak orang melayu. yang mata kaler coklat. yang rambut hitam. yang kulitnya kaler coklat kekuningan langsat. HuHuu... x)