Thursday, November 25, 2010

Miss London ( i miss you London)

when I was in London ( i hate using that 'was'), during Eid (it was on Tuesday a day early than in Malaysia which celebrated on Wednesday), i celebrated it alone by myself. seriously it was really sad (another way to describe instead of bad), i want to make a cupcakes but then they turn into porridge-cakes since i dumbly added 250mL milk instead of 25mL as in instructed.
i want to make cookies but then they turn into charcoal (arang batu) because i stupidly put in 180'C instead of 140'C. what a sad day. i didn't give up, so i made the better one ( it's a long story anyway).
then i know i still got plenty of a day to celebrate Eid lonelinessly by my own, i went to the mosque in the morning for Eid prayer. in the mosque, i feel like a stranger ( i am stranger) where all of them are in black and some of them wear very grandiosely glamorous colorful shining dress but me the only one wearing all white Telekung in the middle of the crowded. it was really awkward feelings, really felt different. seriously, enough of being different in the workplace because i'm the only one wear hijjab but then in the mosque again i felt different. ok. i better love my country now.

when i WAS in London, i went to Harrods the world largest shopping mall (bangga la sangat) and i bought Clinique, my new skin product.

the good thing is, i got free goodie bag and i would never ever regret of buying this product for the rest of my life even though it quite expensive.
i bought liquid facial soap (200mL), clarifying lotion (200mL), and mosturizing lotion (50mL). all cost 43 pounds.
i got free fancy makeup bag, duo eye shadow, de-aging cream, long-last lipstick, makeup remover, mascara, airbrush concealer and scrub cream. isn't that cool!!!! buy only 3 products then i got 8 free gifts!! i went to Zara as well, and i cant stay longer in there because it was too crowded macam pasar tani jual ikan.

when i was in London, i went to Queensbay, i bought souvenirs and this cute shirts! for me and for my sis!

i miss London.
but i love Malaysia.

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