Friday, November 5, 2010

Modesty is Wonderful thing

"I am not religious at all, but am fascinated in the beauty of wearing hijaabs/veils on women, it looks really beautiful. I wish I had an excuse to wear a hijaab, I do believe in modesty and privatising myself to an extent, but you can only imagine the criticism a white non-religious girl would get for wearing one in public. :/"

"I have the same issue. I would like to don a scarf in a similar fashion as the hijaab. Especially as a college student I feel like when I go out, I become an object to guys walking down the street once it's after dark (weekends are the worst when you add alcohol the the mix). I would really like to start wearing a hijaab but also don't want to offend any Muslims or Islamics. But at the same time, I want to be respected for my brains and personality, not body."

"I totally agree! I am not religious and white but am facinated with head scarves ! I think it is wrong for so many young girls to be wearing such revealing clothing. When I wear clothes that reveal, I only feel more self-concious. If I could go around wearing a hijaab without odd looks I would. I belive in modesty an wish I could wear such a beautiful garmet. I wouldn't have to fuss over hair either... :/"


since the news papers are lately keep telling story about "Muslim student trying to kill MP - Member of Parliament (they put very big picture of a woman who's wearing hijjab), "Beyond the veil", "new rule of school uniform: no niqabs (purdah)" etc.etc. I really dont like it.. because i see people starts looking awkwardly like i'm going to bomb the bus or the train because i'm wearing hijjab. =(

but then i realize, actually some people are non-muslim are actually admiring hijjab but cant wear it because they afraid they might offend any muslims or they might look awkwardly because they're not Muslim but wears hijjab.

today, i feels respected. a guy give me a way first to enter the bus, dr. mirza open doors for me at the office (and he remember my name! he even sign in for me!) one lady give me a sit right next to her, smiling at me, asked me weather i had finish reading Evening Standard because she wants to read it as well, a guy at the supermarket wish me "Asslaamualaikum". well it's normal things happen to everyone in this country, but i feel good. maybe because i'm in a good mood i guess.

all these good things happened to me because of this Hijjab. thank you hijjab. You bring God bless to me.

I wonder, are they looking at me because i looked awkward or because they just probably think that my Hijjab looks good on me? :)

(sebenarnya aku nak bagitaw, aku pandai posing. huhuu)

watch this video: it's really inspiring me. :)

aku tak tahu ape kaitan gambar ni dgn entry ni. ntah pape.

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